Practical Techniques to Keep Business Revenue Flowing Amidst COVID-19!

by RepairDesk

Business people around the globe are becoming increasingly stressed with the exponential rise in COVID-19 cases. Since the start of the “shelter-in-place” and national lockdown situation, the economy is undergoing a massive shock. Many businesses have temporarily shut their doors and are finding alternative ways to drive in revenue. 

As a business owner in the repair industry, it’s essential for you to keep the revenue flowing and to keep your business thriving during uncertain times. Instead of panicking around, consider all the possibilities that can help drive sales, whether you’re operating in-store or online. Below, we’ll share some immediate steps that retailers can take to mitigate cash flow constraints, respond to declines in revenue, and redeploy digital marketing spend.

Start Selling Gift Cards

Gift cards program provides owners with an immediate infusion of profit, and in most cases, gift cards purchase ensure that a customer will return to their business in the future. For businesses with especially thin margins, gift cards can help you stay running until the crisis passes.

To reduce the risk of human contact and to retain your existing loyal customers, RepairDesk is offering digital Gift Cards that you can send to your customers via emails. Create Gift Cards easily for your repair shop that your customers can either use themselves or gift their loved ones.

Collect Online Payments

The COVID-19 crisis has led to unprecedented public concerns about viral transmission via cash. Because of this concern that the virus can be transmitted through physical banknotes, a spokesperson of the WHO has reportedly told the Telegraph that “people should use contactless payment technology where possible.”

Say goodbye to disinfecting each note with a 99% alcohol spray and waiting for it to dry out!

Go with the flow and start accepting digital payments with RepairDesk’s option to get paid online. Email your customer with the invoice having a “Pay Now” button on it. Learn more about this feature below:


Or collect contactless payments by embedding the Appointment Calendar widget on your website. Yes, it is safe and simple!

Apply for Government Relief

One way to get cashback quickly into your business is through seeking government assistance and low-interest loans. Between emergency funding from the government to business loan deferment and protection from eviction, there are many ways to get cash income and stay open. We’ve organized a list of the government-led financial relief programs available for SMBs for different countries: Financial Relief Plans for Repair Businesses to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic!

Reshape Your Shipping Methods

Shipping cost is a big challenge for online retailers these days. So, to avoid shipping costs, offer “curbside pickup” or “Contactless pickup”. In other words, customers can get their repaired devices back from your store even if you’re not technically open. Here’s how you can Offer Contactless Repairs at Your Repair Store!

Nobody expected that their running businesses would crumble like this. We know you’ve been struggling to keep your business afloat. Learn how other repair shops in the US are keeping their doors open for safe business during COVID-19. Take the first step and join this force. Good Luck! Get a FREE trial of our repair shop software for your cellphone repair shop and see it for yourself!

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