Offer “No Contact” Repairs During COVID-19

by RepairDesk
COVID-19 precautions for safe drop off services

As the COVID-19 stays on the loose, people are panicked to touch anything and everything. The fear of getting infected with the coronavirus, from even the minimal physical contact, has deprived them of free access to all the products and services they need to survive. And your repair shop customers must be suffering from the same Haphephobia.

Our friends at The Smart Phone Medics have figured out a way to offer absolutely “no contact” repair services to their local customers. The owner of this cellphone repair shop in Madison, Alabama, Jeff Sandridge has recently shared his story of implementing the smartest and cheapest way of staying in business during COVID-19. Here goes.

Repair Booking

So, the mission “no contact” repair starts with a customer’s online repair order. RepairDesk’s Appointment Calendar Widget for customers to book appointments for their device repairs from their homes.

Once a customer books his repair appointment, a repair lead notification appears in your RepairDesk account. Confirm the customer appointment by accepting the lead. See, no physical contact so far!

Device Drop-off

Here’s the trickiest part of the “no contact” repair service – the device exchange. So, our friend Jeff came up with the idea of installing a drop-off box outside the repair shop, where a customer can come deposit his device. So, he went online and purchased a mailbox from Amazon for under $100. And installed the box outside the store. Pretty simple, right?

But here’s Jeff’s big trick, he fills the mailbox with bubble wrap to keep the device from hitting the interior and getting damaged. He gives bubble mailers (covers) to the customers for their device as well.

COVID-19 precautions for safe drop off services

Clean & Safe Repair

Taking the device out of the drop-off box is no biggie. But the next step of cleaning the device before repair needs a supreme level of care. Sanitize the device thoroughly to make sure there are no COVID-19 germs on the glass screen, metal exterior, and the casing. Once the device is clean, go ahead with the repair job.

Online Payments

The most important step of any service is accepting customer payment. Just like appointments, the payments for the “no contact” repairs are also online. As soon as the repair job is done, quickly create the invoice in RepairDesk and you will get an option to email that invoice to the customer.

The email invoice has a “Payment button” that the customer will click to pay you online with RepairDesk Payments. See how you can Email Invoices & Get Paid Online!

Device Pick-up

The device is repaired, payment has been made, and now is the time to give the device back to the customer. Simply, place the repaired device in another box called the Pick-up box following the same old drill of drop-off. The customer can visit the store to take his device from the box and you are good to go.

You Can Fight COVID-19

That’s it. There is the “no contact” repair business all set for you to keep repairing customers’ devices during this COVID-19 fright. If you have any questions about the implementation of this idea, you can reach out to RepairDesk CEO Usman Butt. We will be more than happy to help you stay in business in this unnerving time. Learn how other repair shops in the US are keeping their doors open for safe business during COVID-19. Take the first step and join this force!

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