Web Release Notes: Separate Taxable & Non-Taxable Sales

by RepairDesk

We’ve made a few enhancements to the RepairDesk web app that will significantly help you manage your inventory items. This is true whether you’re a new or seasoned repair shop merchant. Here’s a quick overview:


Integrations Label Update

Our development team at RepairDesk cares about your convenience, and for this purpose, we’ve tagged different integrations with labels. The label will represent its popularity, integration version, etc.

integration labels RepairDesk

New Sales Tax Report

A new report has been introduced in the reporting section to differentiate between taxable and non-taxable sales. This report will show the breakdown of all the different types of taxes and only those items on which tax is applied (or applicable).

Tax Report RepairDesk

Auto-Populate Item Details

Based on customers’ suggestions, this improvement will auto-populate the item details when searching via a serial number, item ID, or unique SKU. You don’t have to scroll down through the list now to find the required item.

Device Variants in Trade-In

For transparency between your repair store and your customers, you can now add device variants and additional details when purchasing a trade-in item. If you want to display that information on receipts and invoices, turn on the newly added trigger ‘Display device variants info on receipts and invoice’ from the Trade-in settings.

Appointment CalendarAppointment Calendar RepairDesk

As per the old workflow, your customers could add the new device problems/services at the time of booking an appointment for their repairs. But now, this control has been restricted. We’ve added a trigger named ‘Restrict customers to add a new device problem/service’ that’ll help repair store owners to avoid discrepancies in the inventory data.

However, if this trigger is disabled, customers can easily book appointments through the old version of the RepairDesk web app.

Quick Overview in Reports

We’ve added number tables in the Trade-in report and VAT Margin Tax report to give you a quick summary of the total purchases, total sales, and the tax collected. However, for a descriptive view, you can apply your desired criteria and see the full details.

Multiple Terminal Support – TSYS

Using the TSYS integration in RepairDesk, repair shop owners can now set up multiple terminals. Cashiers can now select which terminal they want to use to process customer transactions. Learn more about the integration by reading the knowledge base article.

TSYS integration RepairDesk

View Cancelled Tickets

You can now view cancelled or closed tickets in the ticket listing page. Go to the search criteria ‘Ticket Status’ and select ‘Cancelled’, and it will display all the cancelled tickets to date.

With the latest release, you can now filter repair services by ‘Repair Category.’

Restrict Inventory Deletion

A new permission is introduced to restrict employees from deleting inventory items across all stores. Now we have two different triggers to delete items from the current store and to remove items across all stores. The admin can grant this permission to selected employees.


That’s all for now! Stay tuned and join RepairDesk for managing your online store sales and building a safe business from home.

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