Customer Service Tips That ACTUALLY WORK for Computer Repair Shops – 2020

by RepairDesk
Customer Service

Providing customer service at your repair store can often be a make-or-break opportunity for a salesperson. Poor customer service will ruin any previous goodwill and be the end of the customer-relationship line. But, great customer service experience can both be a customer savior and a source of bringing in more potential customers.

What are those kick-ass customer service ideas that your computer repair shop must focus on in 2020 to boost your customer base? The experts weighed in on the following points;

Eliminate Long Hold Times

As simple as it sounds, don’t waste your customers’ time. But still, if you have to make them wait, let them know for how long and give them the option of being called back. It is the basic rule of providing customer service that speaks for itself. Try having a fast point of sale system in-store, to speed up the checkout process. Longer queues lead to frustration, and eventually, loss of a sale.

Send a Thank-You Note

When was the last time you sent or received an unexpected thank-you note? Surprise and delight your clients by adding an old-fashioned, handwritten message in an envelope with their fixed device.

Compliment them unusually to make them feel special. It can be ‘Thank you for being an awesome customer’ or ‘It was a pleasure having you as our customer.’ Surprises always work!

Customer ServiceFocus on Freaky Fast Responses

Who doesn’t love to be served on top priority? Jimmy John’s, the fast-food chain is known for “freaky fast” service and delivery. They realize how much customers appreciate speed. Try responding to customer queries asap. If anyone has booked a repair appointment online, try calling them in the shortest possible time.

“Pretend that person is you. How would you like to be treated? So, treat them the way you want to be treated!” – Paul Jamison.

Be Pro-Active while Selling

One of the most effective ways to create customer confidence is to practice proactive customer service. Listen to your customers with what they need and come up with a solution.

For example, if a customer needs their device screen to be fixed, tell them that we have a repair bundle that includes screen repair and a glass protector. If you go for this bundle, you’ll save X amount of money. That’s how you’ll tell your customers what they need, and secretly you can upsell too!

Request for Feedback Frequently

Ask your customers one most important question after a successful sale: “Is there anything you can think of that would make doing business with us better?” 

Ask them verbally, or give them a feedback card with just 4-5 questions. Read every answer and take necessary action on some of the better ideas. It’s amazing what happens when you listen to your customers!

Reward Loyal Customers

Giving extra attention to your customers will magnetize them to your repair store. It’s what drives customer loyalty and more sales in the long-term. Practically, the best way to offer them a personalized experience is to start a loyalty program since it makes it easier for you to gather relevant data. And if we analyze data from client loyalty programs, we shall find out that around 79% of consumers are more satisfied with programs that offer a high degree of personalization.

RepairDesk’s Enterprise Version is what you need here. It has a complete solution to grab, acquire, and retain customers for your cellphone repair shop. The loyalty program will make it easier for you to nurture your relationships with clients. The Gift Card module will assist you in bringing repeat business, and as a whole, the Enterprise Plan will boost your business profits.

Upgrade My Plan

The idea is to wow loyal clients with an experience they won’t forget any time soon, something that is relevant to their tastes.

“Under promise, over-deliver… it’s that simple.” – Brian Boase.

Automate the Personalized Experience

 Your repair shop POS software should be capable enough to automate the email campaigns and deliver it to the target audience. The marketing tools at a point of sale are invaluable for helping your business personalize customer interactions.

Try RepairDesk to get it done in no time! In addition to gathering, organizing, and analyzing sales and employee data, it provides you an easy way to track every customer’s preferences and history. It empowers businesses to turn traditional customer service into a guided, one-on-one customer journey.

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