How to Optimize the Checkout Process at Your Computer Repair Store

by RepairDesk

Let’s face it, no-one likes queues, and in the times of CORONAVIRUS, we all are afraid of it. In the past, the retail checkout process was standard and relatively old-fashioned. Every computer repair store had a till or a cash drawer and would accept cash. But with time, the process has become much more nuanced with the advanced technology to save time, add convenience, and protect financial data. Store owners and managers are forced to constantly come up with ways to improve the in-store checkout experience.

So, while the brick-and-mortar checkout experience has evolved from the standard cash register, customer expectations have also risen. Used to the convenience that every brand provides these days, today’s consumers expect a similarly fast and easy checkout experience from you. If you don’t stay up to the mark, you’ll lag, and that is guaranteed to result in frustrated shoppers, poor customer satisfaction, and a lot of lost sales in the process.

We’ve put together the following ideas that’ll help you speed up the in-store checkout process. Let’s find out how you can provide a frictionless experience that will keep your customers smiling while you ring in more sales!

Accept a Variety of Payment Methods 

Nowadays, people have more choices. They pay with a lot more than just cash or credit/debit card. That’s why offering different payment methods can go a long way in avoiding lineups and speeding up the checkout process. The more payment options you provide, the easier it is for customers to check out efficiently. To speed up your checkout process, you can consider enabling contactless payments, mobile payments, payments via Gifts Cards, loyalty points, or store credits. Contactless payments are a better alternative to chip and pin transactions and are becoming a popular payment option for in-store shoppers. 

Similarly, avoiding cash exchange, cashless payments are also gaining popularity in stores. Customers purchase a one-time gift card and pay for their repair services without any hassle. Get a FREE trial of RepairDesk and start running your Loyalty and Gift Card Programs on the go!

Upgrade to Enterprise Version

Email Receipts to Customers

While digital receipts are an eco-friendly solution, they’re also useful in cutting checkout lines. If you’re offering online invoices, shoppers won’t have to wait for their receipt. And your employees won’t have to waste time refilling the receipt printer, risking losing customers who are already waiting in line during rush hour. In addition to simplifying the checkout process, digital receipts also come with significant business benefits, including:

  • An easier way to build email lists and collect customer data
  • Reduced fake returns 
  • Decreased overhead costs by eliminating printed receipts
  • Driving future interaction when you include links to the store website and social media
  • Allowing repair store owners to add personalized marketing messages on emails, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty

To help repair store owners go paperless, Team RepairDesk has built a feature to email an invoice with a “Pay Now” button. Yes, you will now be able to email invoices to your customers and get paid online.

Offer a Self-Checkout Process

The trend of filling up your information in-store to get your desired service is becoming popular in all retail niches. People like having control, and this leaves the time it takes to checkout in their hands. All you need is a digital customer self-check-in process in your POS system.

The customer will fill out their personal information on a customer-facing display. The employee will then book a repair order that the customer can verify on the same screen. As soon as the employee clicks the ‘Create Ticket’ button, the system will ask for the customer’s approval and signatures. Once e-signed, the repair ticket will be ready!

Upgrade to a Faster Computer Repair Shop Software

Maybe, the most important choice you can make to speed up your checkout process is to select the right POS system. With so many different options out there, it’s best to choose a POS that offers the best checkout experience. Look out for the following features in your POS software:

  • Easy to Navigate the POS Screen: look for a computer repair POS software that is user-friendly and designed for minimum clicks. Ideally, cashiers shouldn’t have to leave the main screen to complete a transaction. 
  • Fast Barcode Scanning: to ensure a fast checkout, you must choose a POS system that is designed for quick scanning. It’s also important that your POS software can handle multiple barcodes per SKU.
  • Advanced Inventory Search: the POS system for a computer repair shop needs to have smart search functions and the ability to recall your last search quickly. It will give you and your employees the ability to search for products by keyword, description, or keyword tags if labels fall off or barcodes are not scannable.
  • Seamlessly Connect with Third-Party Integrations: the latest addition to the modern point-of-sale systems that all retailers should pay close attention to is third-party integration. Get a system that gives you the flexibility to adapt advanced payment options, connects with other apps, and overall presents an all-in-one solution. 

Try RepairDesk for FREE today and enjoy more than 40 integrations with a single cellphone repair POS software, and grow your business exponentially in the year 2020 and beyond. Let’s plan and join hands to achieve a collective goal of your repair business success! Sign up and get started.

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