Here is What the Right POS Software Can Get Your Repair Store in 2020

by RepairDesk
Right POS Software Can Get Your Repair Store in 2020

A new decade is going to start and we are busying ourselves again in making New Year resolutions based on our ideas. Repair store owners must be having thoughts like how can I boost sales in 2020 or how can I keep the repair technicians motivated throughout the year so they can complete more repair jobs in less time. Truth be told, it’s all about management and what could manage your store better than a quality POS software designed just for repair stores? We believe that before deciding further goals, repair store owners must step back and re-evaluate the current condition of their repair store’s growth.

To streamline processes and propel the business forward in the New Year, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you lose too many sales waiting for your old Windows-based POS to reboot?
  • Did you find it hard to keep track of staff targets, work orders, writing everything down with pen and paper?
  • Did you feel stressed-out with your old cash register?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you need a new POS software. Read below to have a handy checklist before you shop around for the best repair shop software in the market.

Increase Customer Engagement

One of the most helpful features in today’s point-of-sale systems is handling large amounts of work orders that can then be separated into different categories for easy understanding. RepairDesk is a quality POS system for repair stores that allows you to filter out the repair jobs based on their statuses, give reminders about due dates, send due payment reminders, and notify customers at every step of their repair journey.

Offer Faster Checkouts

You only have fleeting five minutes to move your customers through the checkout line before they abandon their purchases and leave your store. We know your hectic schedules and busy routines. Therefore, opt for the system that processes work orders in the minimum expected time. Your customers expect the checkout process to be quick and easy and feel frustrated when the counter is occupied. As your business grows and becomes more popular, it’s essential to take steps to maximize efficiency and keep your checkout lines short.

Try installing a dedicated Customer Facing Display to make customer add their details by themselves. Process orders with more accuracy and have customers sign off on their work orders digitally. To show customer’s acceptance before or after a repair job is completed, a dedicated display is the perfect companion to streamline the checkout process at your repair store with ease.

Run Smart Marketing Campaigns

If your POS software includes a dedicated marketing module, choose it right away! It enables store owners to track customer’s buying behavior, create customer profiles, and identify their most valuable clients. With this feature, you can build loyalty and reward programs, personalize communication, and create other marketing campaigns to make a lasting impression on your customers.

RepairDesk offers a marketing automation tool to set up user-friendly and beautifully designed follow-up emails to check if the customer is satisfied with a repair or not. Set Target audience and ask them for a review or offer discounts on selected accessory range.

Give Real-Time Updates

Receive live performance metrics related to employee tasks, sales records, stock levels, paid invoices, and customer updates from your cellphone repair POS software to maximize your management efforts. Showing your staff how to view and use these metrics will help your managers spend less time in daily tasks, and your servers will operate the front-of-house without any issue.

RepairDesk’s reporting dashboard keeps you informed about all store locations, gives complete visibility regarding employee productivity, maintains a log of inventory items, and updates you regarding every vital thing that’s going on in your business.

Seamlessly Connect with Third-Party Integrations

The latest addition to the modern point-of-sale systems that all retailers should pay close attention to is Third-party integration. Get a system that gives you the flexibility to adapt advanced payment options, connects with other apps, and overall presents an all-in-one solution. Some of the integrations that can help your repair business grow are:

  • Accounting Integrations (QuickBooks, Xero, etc.)
  • Payment Processing integrations (PayPal, Tyro, etc.)
  • Marketing & SMS Integrations (SMS Global, Clickatell, etc.)
  • Printing Integrations (Google Cloud Print, PrintNode, etc.)

Try RepairDesk for FREE today and enjoy more than 40 integrations within your single cellphone repair POS software and grow your business exponentially in the upcoming year – 2020. Let’s plan and join hands to achieve a collective goal of your repair business success! Sign up and get started.

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