5 Reasons Cellphone & Parts Can Help You Fill Up Your Phone Repair POS Inventory

by Mahnoor Mansur

Looking for a supplier who can provide high-quality parts and cases in Texas for your phone repair POS?

RepairDesk has just the right solution for you!

Our partnership with Cellphone & Parts is a step forward to revolutionizing the cellphone repair industry. Cellphone & Parts offers a diverse catalog of high-end parts and cases from the leading brands across the repair industry. The supplier brings 100% genuine products of all tiers for repair shop owners.

With a wide range of products featured on their website from cases, charging solutions, screen protectors, you will find them to be the ultimate choice for your repair shop orders.

Here is why?

1.    Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of Cellphone & Parts. They aim to provide an exceptional customer service that leaves the repair store owners feeling respected and valued. With Cellphone & Parts available all the time to assist you, your repair store can stand out from the competition and maintain a positive reputation. Both among your present and future customers.

They strategy focuses on the following points:

  • Understanding the needs and wants of cellphone repair stores
  • Treating repair store owners with respect
  • Acting on promises made to repair shop owners
  • Handling returns and complaints gracefully
  • Always exceeding customers’ expectations
  • Going out of the way to help repair stores

2.    One-Stop-Shop for Accessories and Parts

Accessories and parts both are vast categories comprising of hundreds of products of different qualities. Mostly, suppliers are unable to stock all the accessories and parts. But that is not the case with Cellphone & Parts. It allows you to offer a wide variety of accessories and parts on your Cell Phone repair POS.

The supplier is known for its wide variety of accessories and parts options. So, you can easily get the following from Cellphone & Parts.

  • Accessories including wireless chargers, cable headphones, battery pack/power case, smart watches, watch bands, cases, Bt headsets, car holders, USBs etc.
  • Tools including screwdrivers, opening tools, clamping tools, cleaning tools, cutting tools, organizers, soldering tools, microscopes etc.

You name it, they have it!

3.    Lifetime Warranty

Having lifetime warranty has become a competition tool in the repair industry. But most suppliers don’t provide that privilege to its customers.

One of the reasons why Cellphone & Parts has gained popularity is their lifetime warranty on all repair parts. Their aim is to provide long lasting and high quality products to repair shops. Cellphone & Parts makes sure that repair shops owners have peace of mind while buying.

4.    Free Ground Shipping in Texas

With Cellphone & Parts you no longer have to wait for days to receive your order. The cut-off time is 2-3 days till 5pm CST. Not only that, to provide ease to repair shops, Cellphone & Parts provides free shipping for orders over $300.

With the comfort to order whenever they want, repair shop owners can also refund a product if they want.

5.    5% Discount for all

Who doesn’t love a discount?

Good news for all RepairDesk users, you can now get a 5% discount on your next purchase from Cellphone & Parts. Cellphone & Parts believes in helping repair shop owners earn more with its discount policy.

So what are you waiting for? Use code RD5OFF to order now and get parts/accessories for your phone repair POS.

To sum up, RepairDesk’s partnership with Cellphone & Parts is aimed at making inventory management simple and easy. With just a few clicks they can order parts and accessories at discounted prices and sell them on their phone repair POS.

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