8 Reasons Your Repair Shop Software Should Have MobileSentrix Integration

by Mahnoor Mansur

The integration marketplace has seen a massive shift over the years. Many new vendor integrations are making their mark in the repair shop software industry. The reason being, they provide customer-centric, competitive, and profitable solutions.
Likewise, RepairDesk believes in making vendor integrations the most scalable and compelling solutions. So that our customers can get dual benefits. They get an integrated vendor for part ordering and provide quick and seamless repair ticket management and service to their customers.

One of the best vendor integrations in RepairDesk is MobileSentrix. Initially integrated in 2017, it is a great solution for purchasing parts for RepairDesk users.

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MobileSentrix – The Best Vendor Integration With Your Repair Shop Software!

MobileSentrix is among the leading repair parts suppliers operating in Canada and the USA. It provides high-quality cell phone repair tools, replacement parts, accessories, and batteries at reasonable prices.

The repair part supplier puts effort and time to meet the demands of repair shops.  It pays special attention to price, quality, and customer service. Because of this, it has earned the status of one of the best parts suppliers in the countries it operates in. 

8 Benefits That MobileSentrix Can Provide You

Once you enable MobileSentrix integration in your RepairDesk account, you will get the following benefits:

1.    Quick Import of Product Catalogue

With MobileSentrix, you no longer have to go through the tedious task of tracking and adding products to your inventory one by one. You can easily download the complete MobileSentrix product catalog in just 3 clicks using RepairDesk.

Our repair shop software allows you to conveniently select items SKUs that you want to import from MobileSentrix. The import process typically takes 2-5 minutes.

One of the benefits of importing products through RepairDesk Integration is that it will also download the product image and updated price while downloading the product catalog.

The MobileSentrix integration takes away the trouble of having to spend hours ordering the required items. Now, you can have complete control of your inventory management and stock ordering process.

2.    Easy to Create Purchase Orders

A purchase order is the security blanket that tracks purchases while enforcing payment terms to avoid disputes. You can easily manage and create purchase orders end-to-end in our repair shop software in just a few clicks.

Once you have completed the purchase order, you can proceed to pay through the MobileSentrix website with a single click. It will directly add all the items to your cart on the MobileSentrix website.

The whole process is less time-taking and improves purchase efficiency. And can also offer improved visibility of the organizational spend.

3.    Real-Time Updates and Order Tracking

RepairDesk allows you to track your inventory and get notified whenever a part is low and requires replenishment. MobileSentrix integration in our repair shop software saves you the hassle of dealing with a third-party tracking system.

While you create a purchase order through RepairDesk, you can have a real-time view of the inventory levels and unit costs in MobileSentrix.

Moreover, you can directly get notifications whenever a new SKU is added to the MobileSentrix storefront. It allows you to add the selected SKU through a single click in your inventory, making life easier for you.

Such tools will enable you to forecast demand and maintain your inventory all the time. So, you can focus on growing your business.

4.    Integration with Your Repair Shop Software Avoids Redundancy of Products

MobileSentrix allows you to pick from a comprehensive product list and add those products to your inventory. You can keep track of redundant items that have been added to the inventory through RepairDesk repair shop software. All the new items will be added to the stock levels. And it will automatically ignore the pre-existing items.

Hence, it will cut down on your time and effort while ensuring that you don’t make the same mistake again and again.

5.    Lifetime Warranty

One of the reasons for the popularity of MobileSentrix is its lifetime warranty. Whether it is a trendy accessory or a repair part, lifetime warranty builds the confidence of repair shop owners to purchase from MobileSentrix.

MobileSentrix guarantees high-quality that makes sure that you have peace of mind while buying. Not only that, they have a fair return policy. And it reflects their straightforward approach to make repair shop owners’ life more manageable.

6.    Latest Cut-Off Time and Free Shipping

The latest cut-off time is two days, air till 11 pm EST. Not only that, understanding the needs of repair shops, MobileSentrix provides free shipping for orders over $100. You have multiple shipping methods available to choose from. So, repair shops no longer have to worry about the shipment procedures.

7.    Earn Extra Revenue through LCD Buyback

Wondering what to do with your broken/cracked LCDs? MobileSentrix integration has got you covered. They have an LCD Buyback Program, through which you can sell your broken or cracked LCD at good prices.

The MobileSentrix team takes 24-48 hours to test cracked or broken screens. So, you get your money almost instantly.

8.    Easy Inventory Ordering for Multiple Stores

Handling multiple stores can be difficult, let alone ordering inventory items for every store. MobileSentrix allows every store manager/salesperson to order parts directly to their store. Their integration does not show what other locations are ordering or purchasing. Only the administrator has full access to view orders of all stores. This allows you to keep the operations of all stores separate.

So to conclude, if you want a vendor for cell phone parts, then MobileSentrix is your ultimate savior. With its consistency in delivering high-quality parts, you can make your cell phone repair shop grow in no time.

In addition to this, they have a wide variety of manufacturer parts such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Huawei, etc.

So, if you are looking for a vendor, you can easily get the MobileSentrix integration for the USA and Canada.

If you want more than one supplier, there are other cell phone repair parts suppliers in the USA to choose from.

So, get buying and get growing!

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