Why is Injured Gadgets One of the Top Repair Shop Software Integration?

by Mahnoor Mansur

Good supplier relationships go a long way in an industry like the cell phone repair industry. With an increase in cell phone repair business in the last year, the demand for good suppliers has also increased. Good repair shop point of sale software usually have vendor integrations that can help you get reliable suppliers.

RepairDesk has one such integration, that of Injured Gadgets.

Injured Gadgets is a renowned name in the repair industry. It has established itself as a reliable supplier for different cell phone parts. Whether it’s Apple, Samsung, LG, or Motorola, you can find parts of all their devices at Injured Gadgets.

The Injured Gadgets Integration with RepairDesk enables store owners to manage their inventory conveniently, with just a few clicks.

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What Makes The Injured Gadgets Integration So Seamless?

The partnership between RepairDesk and Injured Gadgets will help you improve the way you purchase your repair store inventory in the following ways:

Inventory Import

The integration gives a real-time view of inventory management at Injured Gadgets. You don’t have to navigate away from your account. In addition to this, you can easily import the required items from a vast product catalog and pick the products you need for your repair store.

Hence, you can import the inventory in a few clicks in your repair shop software.

In addition to this, you can do the following:

·       Inventory Mapping:

During the import of items, you can map the products of Injured Gadgets to your inventory in 3 simple steps:

  • Categories mapping
  • Manufacturers mapping
  • Device mapping

RepairDesk allows you to select various Injured Gadgets product categories, devices, and manufacturers. You only have to do it once.

It then recognizes the matches from your inventory settings in the repair shop software. And maps them all together.

If the system is unable to find the correct match, you can manually select it from the list. You also have the choice to add new categories there and then. It’s as simple as that.

In addition to this, the system memorizes the mapping settings and implements them on future inventory imports.

·       Avoids Duplication

Even if you accidentally import the items already present in your repair shop inventory, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because the repair shop software has been upgraded to avoid all duplicate SKUs when imported from Injured Gadgets.

·       Image Sync

Having images of products is always better because it gives a nice colorful look to your repair store inventory. All the products being imported from Injured Gadgets inventory comes with live images from the website.

·       Import History Update

Are you thinking of working smartly? While the products get updated, you can navigate elsewhere within the software.

Once the import is complete, the repair shop software will send an email. Through it, you can view the entire history of all the import actions at any time.

·      Import Reset

Once you have done an Injured Gadgets inventory import, you will see the import action in the “import requests” tab. And if you are not happy with the inventory import, then just hit the reset button.

The system will reset the inventory to its previous form. And you are all set to make the new import.

Purchase Orders

Having a repair shop software vendor integration will allow you to coordinate the entire inventory processes into one centralized and secure location. With that, you can easily take care of stock levels, low stock warnings, and purchase orders.

All this is possible through your repair shop software. Not only that, you can make a new purchase order in a few clicks. Check for the inventory items that have to be re-ordered. Add them to the purchase order. You will get a button on the top, directly taking you to the Injured Gadgets website for checkout. 

Your integration with Injured Gadgets can be used across several stores for an efficient distribution of inventory. You can even grow your business by either opening new locations or franchising

Live Stock Purchases

Injured Gadgets Integration with RepairDesk is full of benefits for repair shop owners. You can even see the stock of products at Injured Gadget’s store in real-time. It allows you to see how many items are available for immediate purchase, giving you an opportunity to place orders according to your requirement.

The integration comes with another interesting feature. If you add a bigger number than the total stock available, the system will show an error. It will automatically adjust the number you ordered to the available number at the Injured Gadgets store.

No Order Redundancies

Just like the items don’t get duplicated, similarly, there won’t be any redundancies in your purchase order. If you create an order for an item that has already been purchased, the system will inform you about the previous purchase order.

So you can avoid ordering the same item again and again.

New Items Notification

Tired of having to visit the supplier’s website to check whether new items have been added or not? You can bid farewell to this worry.

Once a new item is added to Injured Gadgets online stock, you will get notified automatically. And if you desire to add those items to your repair store inventory, just click on the notification and import instantly. Easy right?

So to conclude, RepairDesk’s integration with Injured Gadgets is a step forward to make the work of all repair shop owners effortless. With a few clicks, you can import inventory and create purchase orders.

So get the Injured Gadgets Integration now and start selling.

Own more than one store? You can also add multiple suppliers to your store. There are multiple cell phone repair parts suppliers in the USA. So, pick the ones that suit your repair shop for optimum inventory solutions for your business.




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