7 Point of Sale Features Your Cellphone Repair Shop Software Must Have

by Mahnoor Mansur

In the repair business, Phone repair shop software is one of the most significant assets. It has filled the gap to provide businesses easy and smart solutions.

An all-in-one, cloud-based repair shop POS software is like having a team of experts operating behind the scenes. Making sure everything is moving along efficiently and quickly.

Despite the increase in POS software, repair shop owners don’t understand the need for it. They are missing a lot of revenue by not having one.

Before jumping on to the reasons for having it, you need to know what cellphone repair shop software is.

What is a Cellphone Repair Shop Software?

A cloud-based cellphone repair shop software is a kind of point of sale system. It’s where the information for processing comes from a remote cloud service. Generally, a cellphone repair POS system refers to a place where purchases happen.

RepairDesk is one of the leading cellphone repair shop software. It comes with inventory and employee management, repair ticket management, reporting, customer invoicing, etc. It will enhance your repair shop’s processes, manage operations from a single platform, and help employees work efficiently.

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Why Should You Have A Cellphone Repair Shop Software?

To stay head to head with the competition in today’s repair landscape, you need cellphone repair shop software. So that you can run your business the right way.

To help you succeed, here are the top features that RepairDesk can provide you.

1.    Point of Sale

Your repair shop requires a point of sale for a seamless check-out experience. With it, you can process orders and make the retail experience good. You can note the customer’s order and collect the payment through the system.

A POS system takes items from the inventory and puts them in the cart. Simultaneously it keeps a record of all the products and services sold, customer-wise. This feature can perform many functions connected to inventory, employee management, repair tickets, etc.

So you can manage everything from your POS.

2.    Inventory Management

Inventory management can be pretty tedious. Manually counting items in the inventory with a paper and pen for track record can take more time than you can imagine. When your employees should be paying more attention to helping customers and making sales.

Our cellphone repair shop software has an inventory management module. It will provide complete accountability and visibility at your store all the time. Also, it will give a view of SKU transaction history, lot-wise inventory, and inbound/outbound inventory.

It will even manage stock adjustments, i.e., decrease/increase stock while viewing the stock and capture the reason for the change.

3.    Repair Ticket Management

Repair ticket management module is a significant benefit of our cellphone repair shop software. It contains a pre and post-repair checklist. Why you need a pre and post-repair checklist to run a successful business? Because it keeps you safe from fake claims from the customers.

Not only that, you can even create notes for your employees for the repair job. These notes are visible to the customer as well. However, the employees can view the internal notes only.

Moreover, this module automatically updates the repair status of the customer via email or SMS. For instance, a technician updates the status as completed. The customer will get an email that the device is ready to be picked.

For ordering parts, you can even use the repair tickets if required. You can easily order parts through our multiple vendor integrations.

In addition to this, you can assign repair tasks to your employees within the software.  Who can then update the repair job status. So, stay updated with all the things going on in your repair shop.

4.    Employee Management

An employee management module of a cellphone repair shop software is another vital feature. It will help you manage employee hours, staff levels, and sales performance. So you can easily track the productivity of your employees.

In addition to this, you can track the activities of your employees by linking every transaction. It will enable you to bifurcate the weak and good performers. Allowing you to take appropriate actions for the success of your business.

5.    Multi-Store Management

For repair shop owners who have to manage multiple locations, it can be pretty daunting to monitor everything from one terminal. If the terminal is unmovable, it will get even more complicated. Thus, locking the manager to one place. And limiting his ability to monitor the operations of all the stores.

RepairDesk comes with multi-store functionality. It allows managers the freedom to move around from one location to another. They can quickly bring up information as they visit every store to check the activity of that location.

Hence, it allows the managers to make essential business decisions there and then. Letting your business grow on the go.

6.    Customer and Invoicing

Our cellphone repair shop software also has the primary function of the customer and invoicing.

You can easily retain customers by saving their data and purchase history. Thus, this information can help you give the customer a personalized repair experience. And you can even use this information for marketing purposes.

Whereas billing is concerned, you can quickly get payment from different payment integrations through our billing module. If your repair business in the USA, you can even use RepairDesk payments. It allows you to bill your customers easily and quickly.

You can even generate invoices, email the invoice to the customer and reprint if necessary. Along with these, you can add discounts, additional remarks, customer details, and salesman’s name, etc.

So, you are just a few clicks away from getting paid.

7.    Reporting

For your repair business to grow, you need to forecast the need for your services and products. And you can do this through our reporting module.

You can view your best-selling item and the ones that are not selling from the inventory reports. It will help you identify the items you need to stock more.

You can even track your earnings- how much have you earned from sales and repairs. You can even find out the peak sale hours of your shop. And whether you need to hire more people to increase productivity or not.

With so much to do, you can quickly get it done with our cellphone repair shop software.

After going through the above factors, it cannot be denied that a cellphone repair shop software is necessary for your business. It will help you grow your business. And streamline the processes to save time and money.

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