How to Optimize the Checkout Process through your Repair Management Software?

by Mahnoor Mansur

Let’s face it; nobody likes to stand in long queues. And especially in the current time frame where social distancing is the norm. With repair management software, you no longer have to.

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The traditional retail checkout processes were relatively standard. Every cellphone repair shop had a cash drawer or a till for accepting cash. But as years went by, the process became much easier with advanced technology. It is time-saving, convenient, and also protects financial data.

So, while the traditional checkout experience has evolved, customer expectations have increased. They expect an easy and fast checkout experience from you. If you can’t do that, you will lag, resulting in angry and unsatisfied customers. Ultimately making you lose revenue.

So, let’s see how you can give a frictionless customer experience.

Accept Multiple Payment Methods

People nowadays have a variety of choices for making payments. They can make payments with a lot more than just credit/debit card or cash. This is precisely why you need to offer multiple payment methods through your repair management software.

Why? Because the more options you provide, the more you can avoid lineups and make the checkout easier for the customer. Consider enabling contactless payments, payments via gift cards, mobile payments, store credits, or loyalty points.

Contactless payments are becoming popular and are a better alternative to pin and chip transactions. Similarly, people are also avoiding cash payments.

Send Receipts via Email

With everything going digital, receipts are not an exception. It is an eco-friendly solution and helps in cut down checkout lines.

For instance, if you send invoices online, customers won’t have to wait in line for their receipts. And your employees will not have to spend time filling the receipt printer. It helps you avoid the risk of losing a customer who has been waiting in line for hours during rush hour.

In addition to this, digital receipts can also provide the following benefits:

  • Easy way to build an email list and to collect customer’s data
  • Reduces fake returns
  • Reducing overhead costs by eradicating printed receipts
  • Driving the transactions in the future when you add links to the store’s social media platforms and website
  • Allows you to add personalized messages on emails, giving a boost to customer satisfaction

We have stepped forward to help you go paperless. With RepairDesk, you get a feature to email an invoice with a “Pay Now” button. So, you can play your part with us in saving the environment by using less paper.

Give a Self-Checkout Process

Getting your customer’s information filled in-store is trending nowadays across all retail niches. For that, you need a customer-facing display. Why your repair store needs a digital self-check-in process? Because through this, customers can quickly put in the services and products they want.

A repair management software can provide you that. With a customer-facing display, the customer can quickly put in their personal information. The employee can then book a repair order that the customer will have to verify on the same screen.

When the customer clicks the “Create Ticket” button, the repair management software will ask for their approval and signature. Once the customer signs it, the repair ticket is ready. You can then assign it to your technician and monitor the status of the repair if you want.

Get a Fast Internet Connection

At times a faster checkout is possible with faster internet. For your repair management software, you will need a reliable and fast internet connection. It is essential to keep things in working order.

There might be places in your store where the internet connection is faster. Instead of attending your customers there and adding long lines of customers, get your connection checked. Your network extender can help you with that. They will be able to locate areas with lower internet connectivity. And fix the router so that you can get a seamless internet connection everywhere.

Check if there is a fiber optic facility available in the area. It’s known to be more reliable and faster than a broadband connection.

Upgrade to a Faster Repair Management Software

Perhaps the most crucial choice to make for speeding up the checkout process has the right repair management software.

RepairDesk is a leading repair management software with a 4.7 rating on TrustPilot and Capterra. Our POS software can provide you the following benefits that can help you optimize the checkout process.

  • Navigate the POS Screen Easily – Our repair management software is user-friendly and is designed for minimum clicks. The cashiers will not have to leave the main screen to finish the transaction.
  • Quick Barcode Scanning – You can ensure a faster checkout with a barcode scanner. Our system is designed for quick scanning and can handle multiple barcodes per SKU.
  • Enhanced Inventory Management– Our repair management software has smart search functions. And the ability to remember the last searched item. Thus, enabling you and your employees to search by description, keyword, or even keyword tags. In case the label and the barcode are unable to be scanned.
  • Seamless Connection with 3rd Party Integrations – Having 3rd party integrations is essential in today’s world. Our software gives you the flexibility to adapt to advanced payment options and connect with different apps through a single platform.

For repair businesses, the checkout process can be pretty overwhelming with the long queue of customers. Having long lines of customers means you are making progress in your business. But those lines will vanish quickly if the checkout process takes longer than it should.

We live in a time where customers don’t like spending much time in lines. So, if you want to make your customers happy, implement the strategies we have given you. This way, not only will the customer be out of your shop in a few minutes; you can get faster payments as well.

Through optimizing your checkout process, you can look at the bigger picture, i.e., expanding your cellphone repair shop.

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