Release Notes – July 2022

by Haseeb Asim

RepairDesk aims to keep you updated with the best possible features to help you optimize your business.

Our July updates revolved around troubleshooting, based on customer feedback and in-house user flow optimization. There are a number of improvements we’ve added to the RepairDesk Classic (1.0) platform.

Following are the updates that’ll help you run your business. We strongly suggest that you check them out!

Update #1 - Improved Transfer Ticket workflow

a.) In-House (Temporary) Transfer Ticket Case

If you create a ticket in Store 1, you can still transfer it to Store 2. However, the invoice can only be generated from Store 1. This is especially helpful in situations when your best technicians are distributed across different stores.

b.) Permanent (Physical) Transfer Ticket Case

So, you can permanently transfer a ticket (whose invoice is not generated) to another store, and its invoice can only be generated there.

Update #2 - Disable tipping against deposits

You can now disable the tipping option from your system by enabling a trigger. No need for manual billing.

Update #3 - Virtual Terminal for RepairDesk Payments

Previously, the payment process was not possible without having a physical card. Now you can process payments by simply entering the card details at your end.

For more information, read our knowledge base on how to use RepairDesk Payments.

How to Guide for RepairDesk Payments Virtual Terminal
Update #4 - Estimates Workflow with Serialized Item

In the case that an item used in estimates is already sold, you cannot create its invoice without selecting a new serial of the item.

Update #5 - Enhancements to Square Terminal Integration

a.) Connect Multiple Terminals

b.) Checkout using Square – Payment process can be executed using Square

c.) Refund using Square – You can now reverse payments

d.) Email Invoice – Send a payment link via email to complete the payment process

e.) Gratuity – Easily allow for your customers to issue tips

f.) Gratuity Refund – In case a customer wants to withdraw their tip, you can refund the tip

Coming Soon…

We’re continuously trying to improve your experience, so keep using RepairDesk to take full advantage of the following updates, features, and improvements.

Update #1 - New Business KPIs Dashboard

Your KPI dashboard is a one-stop area to analyze all of the store’s metrics. This new update breaks the dashboard down to company, employee overview, Inventory, and customer level. Each section offers improved insights.

Update #2 - Exchange Trade-In Items with New Devices

Enable your trade-in purchase to exchange the item/device with the new one & collect the remaining balance.

Update #3 - Move Trade-in item to serialized inventory

Now easily use the option to move your trade-in items into your physical serialized inventory.

That’s it from our side!

Try out these new updates and let us know what you think works, and what doesn’t.

Visit the RepairDesk User community on Facebook and answer surveys and polls to help us help you!

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