In 2023, Transform Your Repair Business

by Alam Nashra Kyani

As 2022 approaches its end, every business owner is wrapping up their accounts and running an evaluation. Given the rising recession and looming global supply chain crises, it is not an exaggeration that most will be looking to adopt new approaches to running their repair business in the coming year.

Whether you go for a complete system overhaul or go for small tweaks, the one thing that remains constant is that there will be a need for a change! It can be a smaller upgradation as changing your website’s appearance by incorporating a new WordPress theme, to a major one like investing in a comprehensive Inventory Management System to maximize your business operations efficiency. A cell phone repair shop needs it the most as the technology unfolds because as a repair store, your service business is the most prone to new changes and upgradation.

Therefore, your cell repair store should be prepared for it already. For that, you need to be constantly evolving, overcoming challenges, and expanding your repair business. Only then you will beat your competitors and shine bright on top of the heap. How are you planning to do that, is the key question for you to address.

The challenge, however, is that it’s not that easy. Growth requires the right strategy, effort, dedication, and backbreaking hard work, especially when the market is constantly fluctuating. So don’t get overwhelmed by these fast pacing advancements in technology. Instead, use these actors in your favor by being fully acknowledged and molding your repair business accordingly.

Since the repair industry is becoming a competitive field with the passing minute, you need to make certain transformations in order to keep your cell phone repair store in the sound business.

Here are a few considerable updates you need to do.

Automation is the Key

The repair shops for cell phones cover a huge chunk of the repair industry and make for a $4+ Billion market. So it’s necessary to build up the pace to keep the business growth constant. But it can be challenging to maintain it all the time as the cell phone repair process has many steps.

From acquiring customer information for generating tickets to sending an invoice, it consists of many steps that range from store operations to repair operations to customer service. It can be a tiring process, so it’s better to cut the length by using automation. What if we tell you there are software solutions available that promise to wipe out the tedious parts of your repair process and leave you with smooth operations! RepairDesk POS it is!

With RepairDesk you automate your store operations by saving customers’ data and using it as and when you need it in the blink of an eye. You won’t have to go through the data-filling procedure every time a customer comes into your store. All the existing data, along with their purchase history, is saved. It frees you from annoying long excel sheets, paper registers, and the cumbersome process of filling out each detail manually. On that account, your employees will have the freedom to focus on the repairs and maintenance of devices, resulting in the growth of your business. RepairDesk’s Invoicing and Billing Software assists in instant invoicing and billing from your customer and suppliers, respectively. It sends the invoices directly to the customer’s email, where they can find all the details. 

Improving Marketing Strategies

With the new year comes new trends in marketing. Can you imagine influencer marketing being a common marketing tactic? No right? Well, with the Tik Tok trends and reels bombarding every social media platform, it’s the new blogging style. Most people are not willing to see any video longer than 60 seconds. Consequently, businesses will market by producing short video content. So, to compete with them, you have to make attractive and unique yet short video content to capture the attention span and be visible to your customers.

Talking about business visibility, do not forget the guru of search engines, Google. Keenly monitor its updates and algorithms and make content that would adheres to its terms and conditions. For that, you should optimize your SEO strategies. Gone are the days when SEO was about just posting basic content regularly. Now the search engine monitors quality content, and you need an SEO expert to tackle all the content needs so that you put your efforts in the right direction.

Lastly, the perks of social media are undeniable. The expansion of Facebook to eCommerce has opened a whole lot of opportunities for marketers to grab customers’ attention. Many businesses are successfully accomplishing this by running ads on Facebook and Instagram as the maximum number of people browse and scroll through these platforms. Gen Z, especially, is the byproduct of this trend. So you should look out for that beginning this January.

Effective Employee Management

Employees are a crucial resource to any repair business. Their expertise and precision in work will produce satisfied clients. But what if your employees are not satisfied? Give them proper training for the Point of Sales Systems being used at your store. It will make their complex job easier to manage and make your operations wrinkle free.

They can check inventory levels at different points of the sales process. The software will adjust items automatically whenever an item enters or leaves the warehouse. Therefore, employees will have no problem balancing physical and accounting stock. They can identify if any item is missing due to vendor fraud, administrative error, or theft. This will give them ample amount of time to focus on their repairs and polish their skills.

The overall impact will be evident in the form of greater customer satisfaction, resulting in your business growth. A helpful software solution maps all employees’ KPIs to help you jot down employee progress at the time of bonuses, rewards, and promotions, fair and square.

Digital Transformation Is the Future …

With Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems taking the technological advancements rapidly, it helps you improve your business’ productivity and efficiency. If your goal for 2023 is expansion, you must incorporate these systems into your repair business to cater to your needs for exponentially more data and tasks. And as mentioned above, we have just the software for you. Try RepairDesk’s mindblowing features to transform your business this new year.

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