How Many Employees Should You Hire at Your Cell Phone Repair Shop

by Ammad Mubashir
How Many Employees Should You Hire at Your Cell Phone Repair Shop

Are you opening a new cell phone repair store and need to make staffing decisions?

Are your employees overworked, or do you often spot them sitting idle?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you have an optimal staffing problem.

This simply means that you either have too many, too less, or no employees to cater to your business needs.

Every repair shop is unique. Apart from technically handling the repairs, a repair business needs staff to handle administrative tasks, customer services, and operational responsibilities. There is ticketing, inventory management, appointment scheduling, customer communications, and many more mundane and repetitive tasks to perform every day.

The first order of the business is to opt for a repair shop management software like RepairDesk that can help you automate processes and save time so you and your employees can concentrate on tasks that need 100% human attention.

Once you’ve incorporated the software and streamlined tickets to delivery processes, you are ready to assess the right number of employees for your repair store.

Statistics show that on average, a cell phone repair business in the US has 4.1 employees

But you can’t rely on research alone.

A general rule of thumb is to monitor your workflow and the number of customers coming to the shop. You can start by evaluating the daily volume of repair tickets generated, which includes orders with scheduled appointments as well as walk-in customers. 

A recent research indicates that on average, 1 employee processes 323 tickets in a year

So, by using the formula:

Optimal employees = Total tickets/323 

You can get a data-backed answer for how many employees you need to hire to optimally run your repair business.

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