How to Make More Money at Your Repair Shop – Part 1: Accessories!

by Talha Afzaal

Hey, fellow repair shop owners! 

Competition is getting tough with a cellphone repair shop opening at every corner of the block. It’s not just about fixing smartphones anymore but enhancing the entire user experience. For that, we can tap into additional channels of revenue streams – phone accessories 

Smartphone accessories are not just an add-on these days but they are a game-changer. According to Statistica, the global cell phone accessories market is projected to hit $413.2 billion.

So, that’s a market we can’t afford to ignore!

With so many additional items, managing inventory manually can become challenging. But RepairDesk’s inventory management software, with its unique OrderSync and ScanPro, can save hours of manual work. Instantly import your entire purchase order from integrated vendors or scan the barcodes on accessories and update your inventory. The upcoming suggestive sales feature enables RepairDesk to automatically share up-sell recommendations based on historical data.

Let’s find out which accessories are the most in-demand by customers. 

Years of data and research suggest that tempered glass screen protectors are like the unsung heroes of phone longevity, saving screens from cracks and scratches. Ensure to stock up the screen protectors for all the latest and trending smartphones.

Phone cases are also high in demand. Some like transparent, while others prefer them in eye-catching colors. Smartphone backcases keep devices safe from external damage while also being a personal style symbol.

Other essentials include charging cables and adapters so no matter whether your customers are iPhone or Android users, they all need to power up their devices daily. 

Lastly, wireless earbuds and hands-free are among some of the most demanding cell phone accessories. They have become a popular choice amongst professionals and teenagers.

Check out the top cell phone parts and accessories suppliers in the US to order the best quality products.

By offering these essential accessories, you can become a one-stop shop for your customers.

Start stocking accessories today and take our repair shops to new heights!

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