Get a List of Best FREE Antivirus Software for Your Computer Repair Store

by RepairDesk
Get a List of Best FREE Antivirus Software in 2020 with RepairDesk

Do you know that more than 70% of Americans dread the thought of having their personal data stolen from their computers, while only 17% worry about being murdered? Yup, this is the age that we live in now. People are more scared of digital viruses than real ones.

That is why virus and malware removal is one of the most popular software computer repair services in 2020. And every computer repair shop deals with infected PCs and laptops almost every day. 

So, we have researched around and got you a list of best free antivirus software in 2020. You can use it to clean the PCs of your customers at your computer repair shop. But first, let’s break down some important facts about antivirus software. Go ahead and grab a drink because we are gonna work on some computer healing potions here.

Free vs. paid antivirus software 

The difference between free and paid antivirus software is the level of security suite that they offer. Every free antivirus software comes with the basic set of features that are enough for removing viruses and other harmful bugs from computers. The paid or the premium versions, of course, cover some extra layers like online data protection and social media monitoring.

Since most computer users are mainly concerned about viruses and malware slowing their PCs, you can easily use a free software to clean their machines and get them back up and running.

But if you do come across many online data protection freaks, you can buy a paid antivirus program at fairly cheap rates ($20 – $30 per year) and satisfy their data safety needs.

What are the best free antivirus software in 2020?

We have done a lot of homework to see what antivirus software most computer repair shops trust and use to clean their customers’ devices. Here we have the list of 7 best free antivirus software, please fill out your details below and get it right away!

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Happy repairing and antivirus-ing!

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