How Partnering with Content Creators Can Help Your Repair Shop Grow

by Nosherwan Khan

Repair shops are a necessity in today’s world, especially when it comes to computer repair or cell phone repair shops. Almost everyone is somehow connected technologically in modern times. This means that everyone has a gadget. And when their gadgets encounter problems, they need repairs. So, having repair shop management software comes in quite handy.

But as a repair shop owner, how do you recognize opportunities to increase revenue when you’re busy managing the shop 24/7?

That’s where we help you out! Of course, we’ve covered how to get school district contracts and leveraging carrier stores already. For this article, we’ll give you one of the most obvious, yet often overlooked revenue resources.

Content creators!

Some of the most tech-savvy people you’ll find are content creators. They earn their living by making content for the digital age through either their phones or computers. It’s these people that are the most “plugged-in” technologically. As a result, they’re going to need a lot more repairs than regular folk.

As a repair business owner, positioning yourself to serve their needs is a great idea. In this article, we detail how partnering with content creators can help your repair shop grow real fast.

Content Creators & Technology

Content creators are, as we’ve stated before, heavily reliant on technology. They use their phones, cameras, computers, and all sorts of devices to create content as part of their job.

For a content creator, having advanced hardware and/or software is pretty common. This also means that they will run into more issues with their devices than the average person. Whether it’s a software update that bricks their phone or a key component in their computers that fails, their devices are constantly in need of maintenance.

Repair shop services can’t really be bought online the way graphics cards or iPhones can. Hence, most content creators will need to look around for someone to repair their devices. This is where you can come in and form a partnership with them.

Check out our podcast with Bryan Holmes of iStation, a UK-based repair service. We discuss how he got connected with content creators for a terrific boost to his business through Apple’s IRP program.

Who Qualifies as a Content Creator?

The most approachable content creators would be your local influencers, photographers, videographers, music producers, gamers, and amateur filmmakers.

You can easily find them on platforms like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and Pinterest. Whoever you approach, make sure they’re local and target the same demographics as your store.

How Do You Contact Them?

Once you’ve located a content creator, let’s say on Instagram, they’ve given their contact details in their bio. It is usually an email ID and they’re quite punctual in replying.

For those who don’t have their contact information, you can send them an inbox message and they should be able to get back to you.

On YouTube, you will get their contact details in the About section on their channel.

Services You Can Offer

There are a host of services that you can offer to content creators once you establish a relationship with them. Most of these will seem pretty standard, but all of them offer a great chance for you to grow and gain more business.

Standard device repairs

This is the basic service that you can provide a content creator. Repairing their gadgets and devices will be your main bread-and-butter. You’ll find a steady stream of income through them thanks to their engagement with technology.

An added benefit is that you’ll also be able to repair the devices of their friends and family members as a result. This means that through one content creator, you’ll be able to tap into more customers in their immediate circle. If they are friends with other content creators, then they can recommend you to them. All you’ll have to do is add them to your repair shop management software and you’ve made another customer for life. This simple act can make your repair business grow exponentially.

Device and parts ordering

Since content creators are always looking to upgrade their systems, they have a habit of ordering new devices and parts. This has the benefit of keeping their workflow smooth and streamlined. If you play your cards right, you can be part of that process instead.

Have content creators you work with know that you can order new devices and parts for them. If there is a market shortage for the latest Nvidia graphics card or some phone that they need that’s not readily available, you can offer to order it for them. This tactic essentially makes you a supplier for their merchandise, and with solid repair shop management software, you can place orders for what you need with no problems. But to pull all of this off, you need to have a compelling hook as well.

Most people have a habit of ordering from Amazon or some other online store. If you can offer them a good price or throw in some goodies, they’ll want to buy from you more. Give away things like a phone case, a power bank, or a set of headphones for free. People love free stuff, so use that to your advantage.

Sponsorships and shoutouts

The best part about working with content creators is that you can not only tap into their immediate circle but also their audience. This is a big one and can score you a lot of new customers in a short amount of time.

The easiest way to be featured in a content creator’s work is through sponsorships. Since YouTubers are required to talk about their sponsorships and advertisers in their videos, you’ll be putting the word out through them. This effectively bolsters your marketing efforts and can give you tons of leads.

Of course, sponsorships often require a large budget. If you’re not able to afford a direct sponsorship, you can try either providing them equipment in exchange for a shoutout. Offering up computers, cameras, phones, and other items would be a great idea. Since you already have these items at your repair shop, it wouldn’t cost anything extra.

One other thing you can try is collaborating with them on their work. Content creators might not have all the resources they need to create their content. What you can do is collaborate and work together to make content and market yourselves. They get to have viewers and subscribers tune in, and you get more eyeballs on you. If you’ve got a YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok yourself, you can promote it this way and have more followers join you.

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The Final Word

Content creation is a very lucrative industry to get into. There are plenty of opportunities for people to emerge on the internet and provide valuable content to viewers. This makes it a great place for repair businesses to form partnerships and scale their business.

Forming partnerships with content creators is no doubt great for gaining more traction. However, you could also learn from their processes and improve the quality of your business as well. Most content creators will expect a certain level of quality from the people they work with, so make sure you’re up to the task.

Having powerful repair shop management software, a reliable supply of parts and tools, and great customer service is essential. With it, you’ll be able to forge relationships better and offer more value to content creators of all types.

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