7 Ways Shopify Integration In Repair Shop Software Will Benefit You

by Mahnoor Mansur
repair shop software

Are you tired of updating your repair shop software inventory every time you fulfill orders on Shopify?

The extra hours, the hassle, maintaining multiple records, the works.

Not anymore, at least for RepairDesk users.

The Shopify integration for RepairDesk is here.  Save time and effort by unifying your operations and solving your e-commerce problems by integrating with Shopify in just a few clicks.

The more automated your systems are, the more efficient your business will be. And we, at RepairDesk, want nothing but ease for you.

Our integration with Shopify will help you adapt to digital transformations. And it will enable you to run a fully-featured e-commerce website without double entering anything ever again.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is a fully-featured e-commerce platform that provides the foundation to run an online venture without any hassle. It allows you to develop, start, and run your repair business online. You can customize the theme, showcase your products, accept payments, engage with customers, and much more. Shopify provides all necessary tools and works as a facilitator to ease the process of selling products online.

If you are wondering how to set up Shopify integration in RepairDesk, it just takes a few clicks, and you are good to go.

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Benefits Of Integrating Shopify In Your Repair Shop Software

Integrating your Shopify store has many positive benefits for your repair business. This investment will streamline your organization, allowing you to make agile business decisions. Here is how you will benefit from it.

1. Quick Integration

Managing your online store and physical repair store business on two different platforms can be tiring. Our quick integration is the right solution to manage operations for both businesses.

The integration process does not require any technical skills. It is as simple as turning a trigger in your repair shop software on. The integration itself is user-friendly and intuitive, making it simple to use right off the bat. 

A few clicks will set up the integration. This increases your productivity and drastically reduces the time spent to make sure that both RepairDesk and Shopify are in sync.

2. Easily Sync Product Details

Our integration solution allows you to sync RepairDesk categories and sub-categories with the complete product catalog in Shopify. The RepairDesk category name will be synced to the Shopify product type field so that you can create collections to showcase products to your online audience.

There are no restrictions on the number of categories you can add. This mitigates the risk linked with manual data entry such as double entry.

Once you establish the integration connection, it updates all future inventory additions automatically. So, if you add new inventory into your repair shop software, the products are automatically updated in Shopify and if you fulfill a Shopify order, the quantity in RepairDesk is adjusted accordingly. No more manual work so you can focus on growing your business.

3. Hassle-Free Tracking With RepairDesk

Order tracking is essential for your repair business because it keeps an eye on stock-outs and order status. Shopify integration will allow your team to manage both outbound and inbound orders efficiently. And for that, you need to order the inventory in a timely manner to account for lead times. With the Shopify integration, you get real-time numbers.

You and your employees know the product purchase date and delivery time. So, it streamlines business processes and makes the integration transparent. Thus, reducing customer communications regarding order status.

Once Shopify considers an order fulfilled, RepairDesk generates an invoice against that order with the order details and status. So, bid farewell to confusion in order statuses!

4. Simple Mapping Of Shopify Locations Against RepairDesk Stores

This integration in your repair shop software lets you map Shopify locations against RepairDesk stores for inventory management. For that, you need to set your fulfillment priority on Shopify. It will map your Shopify location with the RepairDesk store. Then the inventory will be deducted based on the fulfillment priority set for order on Shopify.

In addition, it lets you set fulfillment priority allowing you to choose which locations are assigned new orders first. And inventory items will be deducted based on that priority.

Location mapping allows you to see the process the same way and reduces errors in procedures. Thus, helping you understand the cross-functional areas will enable you to view the current state.

Pro-Tip: Ignore the Shopify warning for quantities being set to 0. RepairDesk will sync inventory once the process of mapping is complete.

5. Conveniently manage Shopify Stores Inside RepairDesk

Having complete visibility of all your Shopify stores is essential to make sure that processes run smoothly. For that, our integration allows you to manage Shopify stores through your repair shop software.

This ensures that all the activities such as store-keeping and stock control are efficient and economical. So, you don’t have to spend extra time tracking everything on Shopify and RepairDesk. It’s an all-in-one partnership that lets you be on top of your game all the time.

6. Easy Customer Management

For running a successful repair business, you need to match primary data like customer information between Shopify and your repair shop software. You won’t have to add the data manually.

If you want that the customer data to sync automatically, the invoice generation trigger needs to be on. Then, once you create an invoice for your Shopify order in RepairDesk and the order is complete, it will sync the customer data. Therefore, making it easier for you to track customer’s information on the go.

7. Get Value For Money

We believe in providing solutions to streamline your daily tasks. And, the Shopify integration is just that! A solution to unify operations that can save you time and energy otherwise spent on handling multiple platforms.

All inventory-related processes including creating an order, invoicing, tracking, or syncing inventory, are now doable through our integration. And the amount of time and effort that you save with this integration makes it great value for money.

Because that is time you can use to create marketing campaigns and find other avenues of revenue to sell more and increase your revenue.

Final Word

Using the deeply integrated Shopify integration in RepairDesk is a huge time-saver. But more than that, all your finances are organized and can be sorted on a single platform because of the Shopify sync with RepairDesk. You can calculate your total revenue, profits, COGs, etc. without extracting data from your repair shop software and Shopify separately and combining them on a third platform.

The syncing is not just limited to the financial side of a repair shop. There is 2-way inventory sync which saves a lot of extra time and is much less effort than manually adjusting inventory in your repair shop software.

You have the option to upload multiple images and add long descriptions in RepairDesk that will automatically sync with your Shopify store. 

Subsequently, the utility of the Shopify integration is immense. It gives your repair business consolidated processes that will assist you in managing both RepairDesk and Shopify locations. So, ultimately it’s a step towards business growth and development.

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