Integrate QuickBooks In Your Repair Shop Software For Business Efficiency

by Mahnoor Mansur

Picture this.

You are working at your repair shop. There are customers coming in, going out, repair tickets being created, repair jobs being done, inventory being updated in real-time, the list goes on.

And to add to that, you have to balance your sheets once the humdrum dies down. 

Sounds extremely overwhelming right?

For that, we’ve got a solution for you. You can now organize your finances, balance your sheets, sync invoices, inventory and payments from within RepairDesk with our Quickbooks integration.

Run Your Business On Your Own Terms With QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting software that manages your repair business’s financial needs. It allows you to track sales, file taxes, and generate reports etc. This accountancy software gives a cluster of in-built reports that are easily customizable and gives you autonomy of your finances easily.

Consequently, RepairDesk’s integration with QuickBooks has helped many repair businesses streamline their finances. Thus, helping them make informed decisions for business expansion.

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Here Is How You Can Benefit From QuickBooks Integration In Repair Shop Software

Repair shop software can play an instrumental role when you sync it with QuickBooks. So, checkout all the major advantages of integrating QuickBooks.

1. Effortless Integration

With the help of a single connect button, it enables repair businesses to effectively map their operations on QuickBooks. It’s user-friendly and intuitive interface can get the job done in just a few clicks. So, people with limited information can begin carrying out basic bookkeeping.

Make sure that you pick the correct accounts so that they are mapped accordingly. In addition to this it is mandatory to pick all the accounts in order for the integration to work properly.

2. Automatically Sync Invoices

If you have connected your QuickBooks account with our repair shop software, the next step is to sync invoices. 

Every invoice created in RepairDesk will automatically sync with QuickBooks. It can easily sync single invoices or even full batches in intervals to get all your information over at once. In addition to this you can manually sync invoices as well if the queue is too long. Thus, linking your inventory and invoices. 

In addition to this, the payments will also be synced so that you can stay up-to-date all the time. And every time you create a GRN, the inventory items sync with QuickBooks. 

So, you no longer have to manually keep track of all the invoices. And it will give you the freedom to focus more on growing your business.

3. Record Transactions and Invoices

Integrating QuickBooks in your repair shop software streamlines your daily transactions. It records them in your point of sale software as well as QuickBooks. So, it allows you to automatically record all the important data to cut down on labor cost and save time.

Consequently, when an invoice is paid, it will directly be pushed to QuickBooks and saves them as either “draft” or “approved”. So, you can synchronize payments in real-time to stay updated 24/7.

4. Easily Handle Sales Tax

Taking the nerve-wracking tax of managing task calculations off your plate, QuickBooks performs all the important calculations your repair business needs to do to pay taxes. Even if you have multiple locations in different areas, managing sales tax through your repair shop software will be a piece of cake.

5. Quickly Sync Contacts

When you create an invoice in RepairDesk, it will update QuickBooks online database. Thus, allowing you to have all the details of the customers in one place.

So, you don’t have to spend extra time to keep a record of your customer’s name, address, contact number etc.

6. Accurately Generate Financial Reports

Our integration with QuickBooks makes sure every sales order or business activity gets tracked in QuickBooks.  It reduces the risk of human errors, inaccurate information, or more allowing you to have overall integrity in your financial reporting.

7. Cloud-Based Data Protection

Integrate RepairDesk with QuickBooks to run your repair business in a timely fashion. You can easily access data from anywhere if you have a device and an internet connection. The power of a cloud-based system not only gives you access to data any time but also allows you to protect it.

Hence, giving you the benefit of scalability, allowing your accounts to grow with your repair business.

8. Get Real-Time View of Items Sold Category Wise 

Wondering how many devices or accessories you sold? 

With QuickBooks integrations you can get real-time data on all the sales you made category wise. Whether its accessories, trade-ins, or devices, you can separately view COGS and sales reports of each. Thus, giving you a clear view of all the profit margins on each item.


Unless you want to get IRS penalties and audits, you know you have to get your finances in line. Without it, you won’t have an idea about your repair business’s financial health. Otherwise your business decisions will just be shots in the dark.

So, integrate QuickBooks in your repair shop software because it makes things simpler. Whether its exchange of financial information, viewing sales, checking finances, marketing channels or finding business opportunities – all this can be done through this integration. You will also get assistance with sales forecasts for growth plans or leads and upgrading existing customer relationships.

Lastly, if you automate business processes and statistics, you will be able to run your repair business smoothly and efficiently even during the new reality after COVID-19.   

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