7 Reasons You Should Use RepairDesk SMS in Your Repair Management Software

by Mahnoor Mansur

The world has developed a cell-phone-first mindset. We all consider our lives incomplete without it. As a result, phones have become a basic medium of communication. So, it only makes sense that cell phone repair shops find SMS the best medium to keep in touch with their clients.  Fortunately for RepairDesk users, the repair management software has an integrated SMS service, RepairDesk SMS.

The RepairDesk SMS integration helps you keep your customers updated on their repairs and informs them of any promotions and deals going on in the shop. So, it acts as a medium to inform as well as market.

RepairDesk SMS – The Right Way to Communicate!

RepairDesk SMS is an efficient, powerful, and effective way of communicating with your customers. It is a text messaging feature in RepairDesk, giving repair shop owners the ability to send real-time repair job notifications to customers.

The SMS integration brings a host of beneficial features to the RepairDesk repair management software that users can enjoy. 

Here is why you should integrate RepairDesk SMS into your repair management software.

1.  Real-Time Job Notifications

With RepairDesk SMS, you can send text messages to update customers on their repair jobs in real-time. For example, let your customers know when their repair is in progress and when it has been completed. You can also send your customers a message for when their device is ready to pick up. You can also utilize real-time text notifications in your repair management software.

In addition, you can send promotional messages and special offers to get more traffic to your repair shop. For example, you can send SMS on holiday season deals and promotional offers through RepairDesk SMS. You can also send discount codes that customers can use when visiting your shop as a marketing campaign.

2.  Get A Local Virtual Number

You can up your marketing game by getting a local virtual number from RepairDesk SMS. Your virtual number will allow you to receive and send text messages through your repair management software.

Getting the number is quite simple and affordable. Thus, RepairDesk provides you with multiple virtual numbers to choose from while setting up RepairDesk SMS integration. 

Getting a dedicated number is also quite economical. Get in touch with one of our sales representatives.

3.  Two-Way Messaging

RepairDesk SMS has a unique two-way messaging facility. You can send and receive text messages from your customers, all in the same conversation on your repair management software.

In addition to this, your customers can contact you directly by replying to your text. And your complete communication is logged in your repair management software for follow-ups and easy access.

4.   Create A Custom Audience

Are you planning to send SMS to only a few customers? No problem!

With RepairDesk SMS, you can pick which customers you want to send text messages to by making an audience in Mailchimp. 

For instance, you want to give a specific discount to customers who came in the last month. You can do that by creating an audience in Mailchimp and then sending them an SMS.

5.  Send SMS In Bulk

RepairDesk’s bulk SMS feature allows you to send a message to multiple people in a single go. All you need to do is pick your audience and send your SMS to them conveniently. This is especially helpful if you have an SMS campaign to run.

Your customers will receive your text messages in real-time. So, you don’t have to send text messages individually, and it saves you the hassle of extra labor.

Do you have customers on your list who want to unsubscribe? You can help them out.

All you have to do is put the opt-out link in the SMS. The link will be attached to your SMS. And anyone who clicks on it will be added to the unsubscribe list. Thus, making sure that your SMS campaigns are always focused on your target audience.

7.   No Time Limit On The Expiry

To use RepairDesk SMS, you have to buy packages that suit you. But the good news is that the text message packages do not come with an expiry date.

So, you can keep them for as long as you want. And, there will be no deductions from the credits until you use them.

8.  Get Appointments Through SMS 

RepairDesk SMS’s two-way messaging allows customers to set up appointments for repair jobs via SMS. It’s simpler and saves customers the hassle of opting for other options for setting up in-store appointments.

You can easily view those SMS in your repair management software inbox. So, you know on what day and at what time the customer will be coming to your repair shop. 

Why Choose RepairDesk SMS Over Other SMS Integrations? 

RepairDesk SMS is a fantastic marketing tool and offers incomparable solutions to users. It’s personalized, fast, and suitable for all repair shops. Here is why RepairDesk SMS is better than other SMS integrations:

1.   Simple Set-Up 

You can set up RepairDesk SMS simply by pressing the enable button. It’s that simple. Moreover, you will not have to enter your credit card details again as your details already exist in your RepairDesk.  

2. Cost-Effective

RepairDesk SMS is available at reasonable prices in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. So, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on sending SMS to your repair store customers.

In addition to this, RepairDesk SMS is available in 3 packages. Repair shops can pick the one that suits their needs best. In this way, you don’t have to spend extra money on SMS that you won’t be using anyway.

3. Simple and Easy Integration 

Are you tired of going through the long process of integrating tools into your RepairDesk account? 

Not anymore! RepairDesk SMS can be integrated in just four clicks. First, you have to pick the package, then a virtual number, and lastly hit the pay now button. That’s it!

Other SMS integrations like Clickatell take 7-8 steps to enable the integration. So, you can skip this hassle and get on with your daily work.

If you don’t have this SMS integration at your point of sale, check out the RepairDesk SMS Setup.

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