How to Conveniently Transition from RepairQ to RepairDesk

by Ammad Mubashir
How to Conveniently Transition from RepairQ to RepairDesk

Looking to make the switch from RepairQ to RepairDesk?

With a customizable cloud-based POS packed with useful integrations and inventory management, you’ll find that the transition is totally worth your time. 

However, downtime is not something you need to worry about, as migration to RepairDesk has always been easy, efficient, and fast for repair shop owners.

We understand that convenience is a top priority for modern businesses. Read on to know what makes RepairDesk special and how the team and the software enable easy migration while keeping sensitive repair shop data secure.

Understanding the Basics

As a repair business owner, you might find it difficult to judge a POS by its appearance. That being said, RepairDesk does much more than looking great with an intuitive UI that is completely customizable according to your specific needs. 

Right from the moment you start using RepairDesk, you get zero downtime with best-in-class cloud hosting. Meanwhile, your customers get to pay with their desired payment methods thanks to multiple integrations. 

Now that you have made up your mind about switching from RepairQ to RepairDesk, you might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do I set up my existing hardware with RepairDesk POS?
  • How can I migrate customer data and inventory from RepairQ to RepairDesk?
  • How to set up the self check-in functionality?
  • How to list new inventory items in RepairDesk?
  • Can I get support for employee onboarding?

Secure Data Migration

RepairDesk guarantees a smooth transition and makes sure that all customer data, past invoices, repair tickets, and even inventory records of your repair shop are in safe hands. 

As your primary repair shop management software, RepairDesk POS offers everything you need. From managing operations, improving productivity, cutting down costs, and most importantly, making room for innovation.

To ensure that you get all the data you had stored on RepairQ POS, we offer a free-of-cost data migration service. The data you can migrate using this service includes:

Repair Tickets

Repair tickets generated using RepairQ can be moved to RepairDesk without any hassle. Not only previously completed tickets, but those in progress can also be transferred as it is to your new POS. This means you can resume business from right where you left it and enjoy smooth operations.


Invoices are critical to any business. As a repair shop, you need to keep a record of past invoices to analyse how well your business is doing. RepairDesk ensures that you do not lose any of your past invoices and allows you to import much of this information easily.

Inventory Logs

Just like any other business, repair shops need to monitor and manage their inventory efficiently. We understand that the need to store previous inventory logs help you forecast and order inventory items more efficiently. In order to help you avoid overstocking and stockouts, RepairDesk allows you to copy inventory logs from RepairQ. Information such as the details of items and their availability on a given data can also be retrieved for better data analysis.

Customer Records

Customers are the driving force of your repair business, and loyal customers are what help your business grow. Your database can be very useful not only to know who your existing customers are, but also to re-target previous customers. Therefore, it’s important to migrate customer data while switching between one POS and another. RepairDesk copies most of your customer-related information from RepairQ without a problem and enables you to boost engagement for a better customer experience.

Hardware Compatibility

With industry-leading customer support and dedicated onboarding specialists by your side, hardware setup becomes a breeze., RepairDesk assigns a dedicated support specialist to help you set up the new POS system. Not only do we provide a walkthrough of the software, but also help incorporate the right hardware. RepairDesk’s POS is an easy setup with your existing hardware as it comes loaded with all the necessary integrations and is highly customizable.

Customer Support and Employee Training

Coming to the part where you might experience issues while initially setting up and onboarding RepairDesk. Although such issues do not arise very often, we do offer 24/6 customer support through phone, live chat, and Whatsapp.  Our customer support and success team responds to your queries in less than 30 seconds.

Moreover, you need to ensure that your employees can easily operate RepairDesk and have basic training to perform everyday tasks. Therefore, RepairDesk facilitates its merchants by providing an employee onboarding and training package where a Training Specialist helps the users set up the store, and activate useful modules.

I hope that addresses all your questions regarding one of the most popular migrations served at RepairDesk. The RepairDesk ecosystem promises to offer an all-around immersive user experience right from the moment you start using it. Not to forget, you can customize the application based on your specific business needs. Because at the end of the day, RepairDesk is all about you!

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