6 Reasons Your Phone Repair POS Should Have TSYS

by Mahnoor Mansur

You have gone through the long process of setting up your cellphone repair business. Now your phone repair POS requires the correct payment gateway. Because you will need an easy solution to process debit and credit card transactions.

Both coupled together will help you ring up more sales.

Why Do You Need A Payment Gateway?

Payment gateways allow online transactions when linked with your phone repair POS. So, you can get easy and quick payments from your customers. It also gives fast authorized transactions anywhere. And ensures that private cardholder information is encrypted to be securely transferred from your customer to you. Then from you to the gateway processor or provider.

Other reasons to have it are:

·       Speed

Payment gateways are faster than manually processing payments. Customers can purchase your repair services and products without having to wait in long queues. With payment gateways, you will not have to go to a third-party website to perform the transaction. Thus, it is time-saving as well.

So, for a frictionless customer experience, a payment gateway is your best bet.

·       Security

Online fraud is quite common. Your payment gateway can deliver the highest level of protection through multiple layers of tokenization and encryption. Thus, translating transaction info into a highly secure code.

Also, make sure that your payment gateway is PCI compliant so that your repair business meets the industry’s standards.

·       Integration

Your integration with a payment gateway should be easy. Typically through a powerful and simple merchant key. The merchant key will enable you to connect your phone repair POS easily.

In addition to this, your payment gateway needs to be connected to your bank as well. So you can ensure you receive payments promptly.

·       Features

Ultimately, your payment gateway should contain features suitable for your repair shop software. Ask yourself the following questions:

Should your payment gateway be equipped to handle multiple user accounts and recurring payments?

Should it contain a “Remember Me” option so that customer’s data is stored and their future purchases can be made with one click?

Should it have a refund process and have a reporting feature?

·       Support

Nothing will matter if your payment gateway does not have available, accessible, and informed customer support. Because you will need to get your issues addressed as and when required.

Lucky for you, RepairDesk already has it figured out for you. Our integration with the leading global payment solution provider, TSYS, will solve all your payment hiccups. It’s a seamless integration that gives a secure payment gateway to repair shop owners. You can easily have quick processing and reconciliation for your business.

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TSYS – The Global Payment Solution Provider

It is a leading global provider of secure, seamless, and innovative payment solutions. It exists in more than 80 countries around the globe. Customer’s needs are at the heart of each decision to enable them to unlock payment possibilities.

Wondering how to integrate TSYS with RepairDesk?  It’s pretty simple, and you can do it in just a few clicks!

Keep reading to explore the benefits of TSYS:

·       Faster Checkouts

The ChipIQ™ technology is a built-in feature in the TSYS platform. It simplifies the payment transactions in your phone repair POS. With TSYS, you can achieve 3.66 seconds EMV processing time.

Swipe a credit or debit card through your payment terminal. Then your phone repair POS sends the information to the TSYS gateway. After which, you will get a verification code that needs to be matched. You can then record it with the point of sale transaction details.

The most amazing feature is that you can do it in just 3.66 seconds.

·       Flexibility of Payments

With the TSYS payment gateway, you can give options to your customers to pay however they want. The versatility of payment includes EMV/chip cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, gift cards, Android Pay, etc.

Hence, you don’t have to stress over using various machines for multiple payment methods.

Our integration with TSYS does it all!

·       Reduced Human Errors

By taking payments directly from your phone repair POS, you can conveniently bypass manual data entry. Thus, saving time, labor, and effort while avoiding the trouble of double-data entry.

It’s a feature that comes in handy for many repair shop owners. Because manually putting in numbers can be difficult and wrong entries can create issues.

·       Multi-merchant and multi-user platform

Own more than one repair shop? No problem at all!

You can set up multiple users with a TSYS payment gateway account.

Their intuitive payment gateway will give you the ability to manage everything seamlessly. You can use its multi-user function through one payment gateway login with one merchant account. Or even through more than one service accounts using a single payment gateway account.

If you have a single repair store, then it’s time to look into why small cell phone repair shops are unable to grow.

·       Reporting

Want to keep a record of all your transactions? Why not!

TSYS allows you to record transactions and can quickly view them through the gateway reporting function. You can automatically sync your transaction history and sales data.  Hence making it easier for you to track your data.

In addition to this, you also have the option to print, review, and download reports from your phone repair POS.

·       PCI Compliant

Repair shop owners store the cardholder’s data along with sensitive authentication data on their phone repair POS. With technology progressing rapidly, the number of fraudulent activities is also on the rise. To save you and your customers, TSYS is PCI certified.

Thus, it will help you enhance the level of security.

If you have the right payment gateway, then your repair shop can be open for business. It allows the customers to shop at their convenience. And you will ultimately be expanding your customer base.

TSYS takes the payment method to the next level. It eliminates all the security hurdles while enabling you to earn revenue.

So, enhance your repair shop experience by integrating the TSYS payment gateway in your phone repair POS today.

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