How can Appointment Scheduling in your Repair Management Software Help Manage Work Load?

by Mahnoor Mansur

It may be that time of the year when repair jobs keeping flowing in. The increased workflow will make it impossible for you to manage services on your repair management software. Let alone delivering it on time. Lack of scheduling can do that to your business.

Such chaotic situations in your repair shop can result in angry customers who never want to return to you.

So, for each repair business owner, appointment scheduling is something that needs to be the topmost priority. You have to concentrate on the needs of the customer and follow up on services for repeat customers.

Hence, let’s review a typical day at your cellphone repair store.

Multiple customers come in with their broken cell phones. And request you to repair their device ASAP. You have jotted down everything on paper and set dates/times. And you feel that you might have overburdened your technicians by underestimating the time. Maybe gave wrong deadlines to the customers.

The Outcome Of Mismanagement

You feel the pressure, fearing that the customers will come back and complain about keeping the devices longer than committed. This is where things begin to take a downhill turn, and you end up building:

  • A bad reputation
  • Angry customers who demand penalties or refunds on delayed repair jobs
  • Dissatisfied and overburdened employees
  • A completely disorganized work schedule that keeps you exhausted
  • Missed deadlines
  • Poor customer experience

Here is where appointment scheduling in your repair management software will come in handy.

Advantages Of Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling is the craft of planning your tasks so that you can quickly achieve your goals on time. When done through the appointment scheduling feature in your repair management software, it helps you:

·      Grow and increase revenue

The appointment scheduling feature in your repair management software can help your repair store bring home the bacon.  You can allow customers to pick the type of repair, the model, repair category, etc.

It will generate more revenue without crowding your repair shop.

·      Time-saving for your staff

Usually, your staff spends more time handling phone calls, managing schedules and explaining options to customers. If you use the appointment scheduling feature of your repair management software, your customers don’t have to physically be present in the store or make calls to book an appointment.

Thus, the customers have the option to choose a time and date of their convenience. The appointment calendar will send an email confirmation to both the customer and your repair management software.

For instance, in your repair shop management system, you will get a notification that you have received a new lead.

All this is possible without any face-to-face interaction, which is extremely important during COVID times.

Therefore, saving the time of your staff. It is a massive benefit of appointment scheduling and is something that your repair business can benefit from.

·      24/7 customer self-scheduling

The appointment scheduling widget also gives the customers an added advantage to book an appointment anytime and anywhere. And scheduling appointments is not only limited to the usual store timings.

It’s a highly beneficial feature since nowadays people mostly prefer to do things online.

·      Staff scheduling

Employee management is the key to make employees happy. This way, your employees will know all the tasks that are in the queue and can plan their day accordingly. You will no longer have to make them work extra with last-minute repair jobs.

For further efficiency, you can divide the employees into teams. And offer bookings for each group. It will allow you to split the workload efficiently.

·      Avoid Overbooking

Have you ever experienced a time when multiple clients came to your store at the same time?

It is something that is quite common in small repair stores. And such scenarios can result in your employees making errors because of hurrying to deal with the next customer.

Here, appointment scheduling feature of your point of sale will help avoid redundancy in the booking.

You can gain all these benefits with RepairDesk’s appointment calendar widget.

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What Can RepairDesk’s Appointment Calendar Widget Do For You?

Here is how you can reap the benefits of our appointment calendar widget;

·      Have options for availing repair services

You can pick various options including offering on-site repairs, picking devices from their homes, or even allowing the customer to mail in their devices.

You can allow your customers to decide whatever suits them best.

·      Entering the device model and problems

Customers can give device details, mention problems, select the type of service, etc. And they can even add in more information to provide more clarity.

·      Select timeslot and book appointments

Customers can view the appointment intervals, available time slots and book appointments in a few clicks. They can comfortably do it from their homes.

It’s intuitive, practical, simple, and quick.

·      Get instant notifications

Once scheduled, your team and the customers will get an instant email. So, you won’t miss any single repair job.

·      Easy to use and integrate

Your appointment calendar will be visible on your website. Which will drive more traffic to it, and your customers will not have to navigate to different pages.

This way, they can quickly get what they need. In addition to this, you can easily integrate RepairDesk Appointments Booking Widget.

It is a famous saying that people should work with the time and not against it. It is the era of technology and time management is extremely important. So, you should be on your toes to work with it. Appointment scheduling is the perfect way to organize your processes and earn more revenue.

Consequently, get a seamless process without any drawbacks and hassles. You will not have to worry about overbooking, updating customers about the status of their repair, etc. This feature in our repair management software will solve all your problems in a blink of an eye.

In addition to this, you can also reach your sales targets by offering device financing. Remember, there is always room to try new things and grow.

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