Top Pre-Owned Phone Suppliers of USA in 2022

by Haseeb Asim
Pre-Owned Phone

Disclaimer: This article was written back in 2019. To update our beloved audience, we bring you the top 5 pre-owned phone distributors of the US in 2022!

Ask anyone, they’d love to own a shiny new cell phone. The issue that arises with this is that a glittery new flagship smartphone will burn a hole in your wallet. For instance, the ongoing prices of the latest iPhone 13 or Samsung Galaxy S22 stands around $1000 to $1500. You can either go with a newer model, at ridiculous prices, or get something that meets your needs. For those selecting the latter choice, you can stay well within your budget and opt for a pre-owned phone.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) isn’t only restricted to what your friends and relatives are doing. If you’re a techie, you also feel FOMO whenever a hot new phone comes out. But thinking of selling a leg to buy a new phone every year or two is not feasible. One of the main reasons to get a pre-owned phone is that you get to save hundreds of dollars, owing to the value depreciation of new phones, even if it is of an older generation. Chances are that the functionality is still relevant and overall the device is new-to-you! Getting a used phone instead of a new one is a growing phenomenon in the US. In fact, the pre-owned phone market in the country is already huge and growing at a fast pace.

According to a report from Deloitte, the used phone market in the US grew to 120 million units in 2016. Another report, from Statista, reveals that in 2020, the market share of used phones in North America reached 24.4 percent.

Are you interested in purchasing a used smartphone in the US? Look no more, we’ve shortlisted the top 5 pre-owned phone suppliers of the US, in 2022. Visit their websites and connect with a single click:

2ndlife Phones

2ndlife Phones has an impressive inventory rotation frequency of at least 7000 phones in a month. Their inventory is sourced from top tier carriers and auction houses. They offer wholesale used phones and refurbished phones in amazing conditions.

What helps 2ndlife Phones stand out is their Grading Process. It consists of three grades (A, B and C), based on the visual inspections and a functionality test. All available devices for sale here undergo a detailed test to ensure all IMEI numbers are clean and all its features are working. The company further offers an ‘Online Support’ system to help resolve any query.

GSM Warehouse

GSM Warehouse has successfully established itself as a key player in the US market of used phones. It has completed more than 5 years of excellence and boasts specialization in used devices, as well as parts and accessories. They thoroughly inspect, repair and recondition high-end and branded cell phones. Rest assured, you’d get the same quality as expected from a brand-new device, but for a lot less money!

Also, the company offers a 90-day warranty that covers most of the products it sells. In the case of pre-owned phones, every device gets inspected via PhoneCheck — a 60-point inspection process.

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GSM Warehouse prides itself for its worldwide shipping, a 90-day warranty period and the availability of 24/7 support.


Mobilesentrix is the largest mobile phone parts vendor in the US. They sell new and pre-owned phones, at good prices too. Their inventory contains a large variety of used cell phones you can surf through.

Interestingly, their grading process is very comprehensive. They grade each device on its own scale, making it easy for you to decide what is right for your market. And, unlike their competitors, they offer a variety of grades for a more in-depth valuation.

To allow you with peace of mind, they thoroughly check used phones on 60+ Points, including software and hardware checks. Moreover, all the phones go through an automated device check, covering functionality, capacity and condition.

Concept Wholesale

Concept Wholesale, as the name suggests, offers pre-owned cell phones in wholesale quantities and prices. The differentiating factor from others for this company lies with their inventory. They deal with high-end brands and getting such items in bulk could be a defining factor for your own shop.

Having a very detailed grading system helps ensure that all the used phones (in their inventory) get the correct grade. All the phones come with a Phonecheck certificate, so you know exactly what you’re getting!

Concept Wholesale has recently upgraded its payment process and now you can pay via several options. Some payment processes incur additional fees, so be sure to go through their process to get yourself the best deal possible.

Injured Gadgets

Injured Gadgets is the country’s most trusted up-and-coming suppliers of used phones. The best thing about them is that they source directly from carriers, manufacturers and big-box retailers. They run a strict and comprehensive inspection before sending any of their products into the market, ensuring that you get a quality phone, within an affordable price range.

They also deal in mobile spare parts, operating mainly in Atlanta and Georgia. The company has been in business for the last 10 years, and is already making a mark on the pre-owned mobile phone industry. Visit them today and learn more about their amazing deals and the variety of used phones.

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