One Click Prints Everything from Everywhere – Google Cloud Print Integration

by RepairDesk
Automated and remote printing with Google Cloud Print

Printing is a simple job in a repair store. But it sure can turn into a pain, if you are dealing with different types of prints and multiple printing devices. You need to select the printer for each printing job. For example, your repair store has one printer for label printing, another for tickets/invoices, and a separate one for thermal prints. You will have to view the thing you have to print (label, receipt, ticket or thermal receipt) and then choose the printing device accordingly. Do you see what’s happening here? You are taking way too much of customer’s time and that’s not any good.

What you should be doing is creating the ticket or invoice and giving the printout to the customer. Both as fast and smooth as possible. What will be the point of smooth ticketing and invoicing if you still get tangled in the most trivial thing as printing?

Let your repair shop POS software take care of this dilemma with its Google Cloud Print integration. So you can attend more customers and offer them the best repair experience.

Sync your local printers

Guess what? You don’t even need any particular printers for this. Your old ones will do fine. All you have to do is enable Google Cloud Print integration on your RepairDesk account. Then head over to Google Chrome and manage printers in its Cloud Print settings. You will get a list of all printers that are already configured with your computer, just check the ones you want to sync with this integration. Now go back to your POS software and click the Sync Printers button.

Once you are all done with the syncing process, enable the types of prints against each device: tickets, invoices, labels, thermal tickets, and invoices, etc. So the next time you ask the system for a thermal ticket print, it will automatically send command to the printer that you enabled the function for.

Syncing printers with Google Cloud Print in RepairDesk

Automate printing

Yes, you got rid of the extra clicks and minutes for deciding on the print type and device. But that’s not it. You still need to click the print button every time you want a printout. Let’s solve that as well. Go to the edit option for each printer and turn on cloud printing. Now Google Cloud will automatically save all your new tickets and invoices and get the printout, before you even ask for it.

Automating the printing process with Google Cloud Print in RepairDesk

Google’s cloud-based integration allows you to print on any device. This makes printing tickets and invoices from any location easy. The printing job will still work and you can collect the printouts later when you visit your store.

Print away, amigos!

There you go. Your printing problems are all sorted with Google Cloud integration of our repair shop software. Now you can pay more attention to creating smooth repair tickets and invoices. Because your prints are always in the corner. You create a ticket or an invoice and there’s the printout!

Automated and remote printing with Google Cloud Print

Get more information about Google Cloud Print and its configurations, read our knowledge base article on How can I use Google Cloud Print?

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