iStation Repair Shop Journey From Custom CMS To RepairDesk

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Seasoned in the IT environment for more than three decades, Bryan Holmes started iStation, an Independent Apple Repair Centre, in 2014, offering Apple product support to both retail and business customers.

Bryan’s Craft

Since the company is a part of Apple’s Consultant Network, they are authorised Apple consultants, proving support on installation and integration of Apple products into existing business infrastructures. Apple Business Teams located in Apple Stores, refer customers to local consultants for any support needs they may have. From there, iStation provide excellent business services to the clients ensuring they address all business needs.

iStation and our computer repair shop software

A Better, Bigger Store

With Apple being such a popular brand and the demand for iStation’s services increasing, they decided that they needed to move to a bigger store to not only to accommodate the customer demand but to also be able to grow the business. It was decided early on in the process that a bigger store needed a better workflow management software and it was clear they didn’t have that in place.

End of Life for the existing CRM

iStation had used a custom-built CRM system built by a local developer based on the early needs of the business. As the business grew, iStation outgrew their initial system and needed to look at options to meet their needs going forward. The business was at a point where they needed new features to cope with the ever-changing technology and demands of a business, unfortunately, their existing CRM system did not have the scope for the enhancements they needed.

iStation and our computer repair shop software

RepairDesk Saves The Day?

After tinkering with a few Point of Sale and Inventory Management software online, Bryan ended up with RepairDesk. And boy was he happy!

RepairDesk started with smooth data migration of customer and service information for Bryan. The customer service team was with him all the way. They never left him at the mercy of user manuals. He got pieces of training on how to use certain features of RepairDesk and how he can effectively get started. If he got stuck somewhere, the customer success team of RepairDesk was always there to help him out. So, what was the result of all this?

Contemporary iStation Repair Shop

After researching a few Point of Sale and Inventory Management systems online, iStation made the decision to move to RepairDesk. RepairDesk started with smooth data migration of customer and service information for iStation, with the customer service team on hand at every step of the way, never leaving the business at the mercy of user manuals. iStation was provided with specific training modules on how to use the features of RepairDesk and how they can effectively get started on launch day. The customer success team of RepairDesk were always on hand to answer any queries or to help out with demos on the features giving them the reassurances they needed to there to implement their new processes effectively.

iStation and our computer repair shop software

Inventory Management and Customer Experience

iStation now has a comprehensive stock and retail inventory that is configured to monitor stock levels and is easy for staff to query part information when needed. The store has now implemented technologically advanced features that kept the customers engaged using customer-facing displays at terminals offering a range of service information and the ticket counter display on the wall relaying ticket information that keeps customers updated on the progress of their repair.

But that’s not all, RepairDesk further empowered iStation with a customer portal that enhanced their customer engagement giving customers more control over the booking of their repairs, especially business customers.

Customer Engagement

Keeping customers in the loop is an important part of any business’s journey, this is exactly what iStation counted on using RepairDesk. As mentioned earlier, RepairDesk comes complete with many customer engagement features and iStation uses them to the max!

One step into iStation and you will be greeted with a contemporary environment with Customer Facing Displays leading the show. Customers can use the self-check-in terminals to save time booking their device in.

Up on the wall, in clear view, you can see the Ticket Counter Display showing you how many repair jobs are in progress and when your device will be diagnosed and repaired. iStation are extremely pleased with the integrations on offer with RepairDesk, the recent ring central integration was seamless and easy to adjust to with the customer-facing integrations being a favourite. In a nutshell, RepairDesk supports Bryan to run his business smoothly and with all the contemporary features keeping customers in the loop, both parties are mutually benefiting from the RepairDesk system.

iStation + RepairDesk – A Happy Partnership

RepairDesk has not only given iStation the features to successfully manage repairs, inventory and customer data, it has also given their staff the ability to streamline internal processes to enhance their day to day roles within the store. Bryan and his team are excited about the future of RepairDesk and look forward to many more integrations/enhancements that will benefit their business.

That was the success story of a nice guy called Bryan who had a dream to provide an excellent repair and support service to Apple customers and he got excellent services from RepairDesk in return. One good turn deserves another, doesn’t it?

If you are also running a cellphone or computer repair business and need the best repair shop software, RepairDesk is the ultimate choice for you. Take it from our guy Bryan.

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