How Denha Brothers Use RepairDesk To Oversee Their 4 Phone Clinic Stores

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Phone Clinic Has Partnered with Our Cell Phone Repair Shop Software

Brothers Dillon and Landen Denha started Phone Clinic, a cell phone repair center in Southeast Michigan, back in 2012. Today, their business has grown to four stores and a team of 13 dedicated employees. The boys are managing it all with only one software — RepairDesk. Here’s the full story.

Phone Clinic Has Partnered with Our Cell Phone Repair Shop Software

Phone Clinic — The journey of two entrepreneurs

Unlike most repair business owners, it wasn’t the passion for technology that drew the Denha brothers to this lane of business. They were just two smart entrepreneurs who saw a demand for cell phone repairs and decided to capitalize on it. And guess what? It worked out pretty well.

“We started on a really small scale. Our total investment was only a thousand dollars. With time, we saved some money, got our first location, and called it the ‘Phone Clinic’. Five years later, we have four stores and are still growing.”

Moving from a limited software to an all-in-one POS solution

For Dillon and Landen, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, though. Running a repair business was new for them and they had to figure things out on their own. 

One of the important lessons they learned from being a part of the repair industry was to invest in a repair shop software. So, they did, and the software they chose helped the Phone Clinic owners streamline their day-to-day operations. But, that was not enough to grow their business the way they wanted to.

“We were using RepairShopr for basic functions like checking the customers in and booking their repairs. Our inventory was not being managed by the system nor could we generate leads with it. We were not able to track employee performances or do so many other things that were important for us to grow our business.”

Team Phone Clinic struggled with the previous software and its limited features for quite some time. Still, they didn’t give up on it and tried to get help from the customer support team. As it turned out, there was nothing in the name of “support” and they were left on their own to figure the software out. Oops!

“RepairShopr might have had the features that we wanted for our business, but the problem was that we couldn’t get in touch with anybody in customer support. And with us, running multiple stores with multiple employees, we didn’t want to be in a situation where we also have to make sense of the POS system. So, we knew it was time to look for a better solution.”

Dillon and Landen heard about RepairDesk from the Facebook community of repair shop people and thought to give it a shot. So, they took the free trial of our repair shop software for one Phone Clinic store to test things out. 

“We tried RepairDesk at one location and it worked fine. There was some stuff we had to learn, but the good thing about it was that the customer support was always there to walk us through things. That made our transition process so much easier.”

Our customer support guys welcomed Phone Clinic with open arms, guided them through the workflow of their new POS system, and even helped them integrate some awesome lead generation modules with their website. To everybody’s surprise, all four Phone Clinic stores were up and running with RepairDesk in just two months’ time.

“How we on-boarded with RepairDesk is an interesting story. We switched our first store and had a plan of switching our second location in the following month, then the third one in the month after that, and so on. But we ended up on-boarding all the other three stores in our second month. That’s because, after seeing the support with the first store, we were confident that if we needed help with the other three locations, you guys will be there for us.”

Phone Clinic Has Partnered with Our Cell Phone Repair Shop Software

How RepairDesk changed EVERYTHING for the best

It’s been three months since Phone Clinic switched to RepairDesk. And everybody’s loving it – the owners, Dillon and Landen, their managers, their employees, and, of course, us!

“The biggest problem we had with RepairShopr was that we didn’t have a hold of our inventory. But RepairDesk came in and showed us exactly how to do it. Their integrations with Injured Gadgets and MobileSentirx made the inventory management process a whole lot easier for us.”

The Phone Clinic owners also love the detailed reporting of their new repair shop software. It helps them oversee everything happening at all of their stores and who is doing what with a bunch of reports, so they can keep everything in check, find out what’s wrong, and fix it. 

Talking about reporting, Dillon had this idea of having a KPI Dashboard — one screen that reports all — in the POS software. Team RepairDesk worked on it and made his wish come true, not only sharing it with them, but also adding it as a standard feature for everyone using RepairDesk.

“We have managers at each location who run the daily operations at our stores. We wanted to have something to help us build accountability between us and our managers so that we can see what they are doing, how they are performing, and suggest any improvements. With the KPI Dashboard, you guys built for us, we can do just that. So, that’s nice!”

Phone Clinic also uses RepairDesk for generating leads and driving more and more sales. Dillon has already set up the SMS marketing feature and is now looking forward to working on the email marketing one. They have also integrated the Appointment Booking Widget and the BuyBack Widget with their website, so all their repair and device trade-in leads are recorded into RepairDesk, which is super-cool.

Phone Clinic Has Partnered with Our Cell Phone Repair Shop Software

It’s a win-win for Phone Clinic and RepairDesk!

The Denha brothers started their repair business from scratch. They were just two passionate entrepreneurs who didn’t have any experience in the repair industry or any repair shop management software. So, naturally, they wanted a system that could help them understand the basic things about running a repair store and empower them to grow their business at the same time. It took them some time to find the one, and it’s a good thing they did.

“Our relationship with RepairDesk is a win-win partnership. You guys have a team that wants to win, we also have a team that wants to win; both know that if we help each other, it’ll bring success to both parties.”

And that’s how we like it!

Thanks to our friends, Dillon and Landen, from Phone Clinic for trusting RepairDesk and joining our club of happy customers. We are looking forward to more amazing things to come out of this partnership. 

If you are in need of a repair shop software that can make running a repair business less painful and more fun, try RepairDesk. We have got you with our all-in-one POS solution and an exceptional customer support team. We will hear your problems loud and clear and help you deal with them in the easiest ways possible. Sign up today and start your win-win partnership with RepairDesk!

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