The Essential Back to School Tech Gadgets for 2020

by RepairDesk
Back to School Tech Gadgets Essentials

Stock up on the most trending items of the season and boost sales exponentially at your repair storeBack-to-school season is upon us once more — but this year is like no other in living memory. Indeed, as we write this, where “school” will be for many students, and what form it will take, remains up in the air.

If you are a cellphone or computer repair store owner, this is the peak time to have students’ most demanded items in store. This is because, after the long lockdown situation due to the novel COVID-19 virus, parents are getting their kids ready for preschool/elementary school or high school to resume studies. Students are more than excited and gearing up for a new grade in middle school or high school, and college students are bracing for another semester after a long period of being shut in.

The good news is, buying the favorite back-to-school tech gadgets is part of their preparation.

So let’s get down to the list and share some of the top back-to-school gadgets that you should have in your inventory.

Wireless Mouse

This wireless mouse is a must-have during the times of social distancing. It promotes a no-touch culture and is safe for students who have PowerPoint presentations as assignments. Besides considering it just as a back-to-school item, this mouse is very handy for office uses too. From business people to elementary school students, everyone needs it, so it’s a great idea to have it in stock.

You can make it more appealing for your customers to buy, too. Highlight features like long-distance connectivity, long-lasting battery time that goes well for more than 15 months, and smart design to give a fashionable look. Also, be sure to mention that most wireless mice even come with an auto-switch feature, which helps the battery last even longer. And of course, the versatility and comfort of using a mouse without wires means it no longer gets in the way or tangles up in their backpacks when they take it around. It is the perfect solution for every student who wants to study and not be bogged down.

HP Chromebook

An essential item to keep during the back-to-school period is a device that is lightweight and can do it all. For those looking, the HP Chromebook delivers on that front. 

The HP Chromebook is a lightweight computer that is fast, snappy, and takes care of everything students need. It’s powered by the technology behind Google Chrome, and has applications in the form of web apps. This lets you take down notes, work on assignments, prepare slides, and search the internet.

Students or parents coming to your repair store to buy something budget-friendly yet feature-packed will be impressed by this useful device. Be sure to showcase the easiness and flexibility associated with this machine.

Also, at your computer repair store, you can keep a variety of laptops, MacBooks, Chromebooks, PCs, and tech devices. People belonging to different age groups visit stores to buy tech accessories and gadgets, so it is better to cater to them all with your amazing products.

Wireless Earbuds

Well, well, well! We all know how IMPORTANT hands-free, earbuds, and headphones are when it comes to avoiding distractions. Fill in your store shelves with the most advanced earbuds, Air Pods, headsets, and even advertise them at your storefront. Just take a look at Amazon listings to see how popular they are with the crowd today. It is must-have possession for students of all ages.

The best way to sell back-to-school items is by creating product bundles in your computer repair shop software. Once you have all the items in stock, you can easily cross-sell or upsell products and earn more profits. RepairDesk offers Inventory Bundles in the Enterprise Version, to give to complete hold over your customers’ sales.

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When upselling products, ask the students who come to buy back-to-school items: Are you having a problem remembering what is taught during lectures? Do you know that this can affect your grades over time?

And present them with a pocket-friendly solution, that is the smartpen. Tell them the excellent benefits that they’ll get with it. Ask your sales personnel to give a demo for better understanding and lead capturing. It will be a worthy addition to your inventory because of its digitization capabilities. This pen enables students to get everything recorded. It makes learning more accessible and more interesting. Additionally, this little gadget can be integrated with popular online platforms such as iCloud, Slack, email, Box, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many others. 

Don’t miss a chance to play around with the tech gadgets!


To cope with routine tasks, one must have a tracking device to analyze performance. That’s where smartwatches come in! Compatible with Android phones and some iOS devices, there are multiple options in the budget-friendly, water-resistant smartwatches that are particularly attractive for students who want to track their activity and other key metrics.

Keep yourself and your staff members updated on new technologies to stay updated. And don’t forget, RepairDesk is always by your side. From the uncertain times for COVID-19 to the Black Friday sales, we have resources to help you grow. Get the best repair shop management software that takes care of everything. We take care of all your day-to-day repair store activities, from creating tickets and invoices to managing your inventory, keeping track of your employees, generating reports, and so much more!

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