Five Benefits of Modern Payment Methods for a Computer Repair Business

by RepairDesk
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What encourages repair stores to accept credit cards as an on-site payment method? For around 50% of customers, card payment is the preferred means of payment over cash. If your store fails to deliver that preference and doesn’t offer different payment methods, customers may withdraw their purchase orders.


Offering modern payment methods such as tap-to-pay are a great way to secure revenue for your repair shop. In bringing these modern payment methods to your store, you’ll be making it more convenient for the customer. They can pay for their repairs using their preferred method, and you can have a smooth transaction at your checkout counter. It’s this sort of freedom you should be offering to keep your customers happy.

Why Should Modern Payment Methods be Available?

The big reason for the acceptance of modern payment methods is the post-COVID-19 time. Nowadays technology is radically changing the way computer and cellphone repair businesses operate. The customer of today is continuously connected and demanding services that are fast, efficient, and effortless.


As a repair business owner, one of the best ways to boost your sales is by offering a variety of payment methods that make it painless for your customers to pay for your products or services.


To ensure your business stays up to the minute and secure, here are the five benefits you get by integrating modern payment methods with your repair shop POS software. Let’s get started.

Build Customer Loyalty with Transparency

Don’t leave your customers surprised!

Using advanced payment methods like EMV chip cards, debit or credit cards, customers receive notifications for each transaction. When you offer the option of digital payments, you present an enhanced customer experience at your repair store.

With modern payment methods, you can save the details of payments in a merchant-specific database. Both merchants and customers have easy access to payment information. It avoids ambiguity and confusion while tracking payments. Digital platforms can help you make this a seamless experience. 

Sell More with Faster Checkouts

With advanced payment options readily available at your repair store counter, you can serve customers 5x faster.

They allow your sales representative to attend more customers, assist more clients, and close multiple repair jobs in that saved time. Modern payment systems run on electronic transactions, which are much quicker to settle and collect upon over cash-based systems. They allow merchants to add-on a next-day funding option. That’s how store owners can increase their cash flow by getting paid within 24 hours after batching.

Let your customers know what they are paying for by displaying their cart on a dedicated screen. That’s what RepairDesk’s Customer Facing Display does. While you’re adding items or repair services in the list, your customers can view and confirm it on the spot. Get a free trial of our integrated repair shop POS software and observe your sales graph rising in a few days!

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Lower Operational Costs

Modern payment methods are always seeking ways to lower your operational costs. They help you save time, labour, and expense. It is because paper-based payments are getting out of the limelight due to their costly, labour-intensive, and time-consuming nature. If you are running multiple stores, the cost and delays can mount up to severe revenue and resource drainage. 

Moreover, syncing your payment terminal with RepairDesk means you can save time on every transaction, plus hours in admin, with no more double-entry, reduced human error, and faster end-of-day reconciliation.

Reduce Fraud with Integrated Transactions

Security tends to be at the front of every store owner’s mind when considering payments and accepting transactions online. As clients are always super conscious of keeping their data and money safe, it should be your priority to keep their transactions private.

Using cashless payments (debit/credit/EMV chip cards), you are staying ahead of security demands and ensuring the right measures are in place to keep your repair shop and customers safe. However, using RepairDesk’s integrated payment options will impose another security check on the payments received. You get everything on one platform. Thus, RepairDesk helps you go the extra mile for your customers’ safety and give them the peace of mind to make their purchases online.

Having RepairDesk as your repair store POS system automatically updates the invoice when payment is tendered, allowing you more accuracy in your accounting and saving you time while reconciling at the end of the night.

Modern Payment Methods

Complete Payment Flexibility

Here’s a thing. Why limit your customer base by providing a single payment option, when you can now deal with customers via various payment channels? So, get yourself out of the old school ways and invest in a POS system that brings multiple payment methods with it.

Being able to accept all forms and methods of payment can be the difference between a sale and a walk-out. Giving a choice will also grow involvement, for customers will find it comfortable.

Luckily, a modern payment system ensures your business’ ability to accept all major credit cards, PIN debit, EMV chip, and contactless transactions. 


Don’t worry if you are a newbie in the repair industry, and we’ve got your back. With RepairDesk’s fully-featured FREE trial, you get everything in one place so you can watch your business grow.

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