Save the Sale with Instant Deposits!

by RepairDesk
Instant Deposits

We know that many merchants offering repair services require their customers to leave a deposit or down payment initially before the repair process starts. This pre-payment or advance payment can then be adjusted at the time of checkout. You can relate to this if you repair expensive smartphones, trade for PCs, build customized gaming computers, or even go for complex repair jobs at your computer repair shop. And if you do one of those things (or one of the many other use cases), you’ll be excited to hear that we’ve made this process much easier for you!

RepairDesk’s Deposits module covers everything that you need to get advance payments or security fees before investing your time on a complicated repair job. Let’s learn more about what you can do with our recently launched ‘Deposits’ module.

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Pre-Set the Deposits Value 

RepairDesk’s Deposits feature allows you to apply either a fixed or variable payment to a repair job. This payment will be used in the future towards the total charges upon a job’s completion. That’s how setting the deposit value will create uniformity across all of your repair services. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about setting up the amount every time while creating a repair ticket.

Getting an upfront payment that covers your out-of-pocket costs will completely change your business’ cash flow.

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Minimize the Security Risk

Once you’ve received an advance payment for an expensive computer repair, you can assign a technician for the job immediately. Collecting down payment is also known as one of the most effective methods of the revenue-saving strategy. Getting paid in advance with RepairDesk’s Deposits is a great way to avoid situations where you need to chase clients who delay payments.

Split Payments

Another handy reason to take deposits is the payment division. Your clients won’t have to pay the total amount right at the time of submitting their damaged device. Instead, a smart way to save your sale is to get some percentage of the total bill immediately. Once the customer pays the deposit, your computer repair shop POS software will create an invoice on that deposit, and that amount will automatically adjust at the time of receiving full payment. Want to try it? Sign up for a FREE trial today and start securing payments instantly.

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Refund Deposits

RepairDesk‘s Deposits option is a life-saver in case of untimely or faulty repairs. Offer a refund for a repair job if anything wrong happens unexpectedly. Running a transaction with a deposit or down payment is super simple. All you need to do is to include the deposit or down payment in your transaction like any other item.

It’s easier than you think! 

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With RepairDesk, setting your repair business up to accept deposits or down payments is easy. The good news is that our ‘Deposits’ feature is available right now for all the repair merchants around the globe. Create a separate invoice and adjust the deposit amount after completing a repair job. If you want to learn more about how this module works, head on over to our knowledge base article on Deposits.

RepairDesk makes your life easier by helping you manage your work effortlessly in just a few clicks. We have everything – from creating repair tickets to inventory management and more. Get a FREE trial of our repair shop POS software for your cellphone repair shop and see it for yourself!

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