How to Increase Sales on Valentine’s Day at Your Repair Shop

by Nosherwan Khan
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Valentine’s Day is a big holiday for people. It signifies a day of love where they give gifts to their significant other. Valentine’s Day is also a popular spending holiday and with the right POS system, it can be a great sale day for you. Here are all the different things you can do to increase your Valentine’s Day takings as a repair shop.

Get a head start with your customers

The first thing you need to take care of is your homework. Being a repair shop, you’ll no doubt have offers lined up for people. In order to make sure that your offers reach the people that are interested in them, you need to let them know. This is where your POS can help you.

When booking repairs for customers, you’ll no doubt be taking down information on them. Points of contact such as phone numbers and email addresses are what you’re looking for. If you’ve got them, then you can send an email or text message about your latest promotion. The ideal strategy would be to touch base with them as early as possible. You want to notify them soon and have them keep your discounts and special offers in their mind. Customers are going to be shopping everywhere for Valentine’s Day – in the United States alone, Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach about $22 million. In this sort of climate, those with limited budgets might be done before you reach them.  So it’s absolutely necessary to get a head start with your customers.

Reward your top customers

This one ties in with the previous point. By studying your customer base, you can identify who your frequent clientele are and adequately reward them. Giving customers special discounts for their loyalty to your store is a great way to drive up sales. Since they are fond enough of you to spend quite a lot at your store, you can be sure they will make use of discounts.

Customers like to be appreciated and they love discounts. Using your POS system, you can combine the two together and motivate them enough to give you a visit on Valentine’s Day.

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Look into your performance for last year

Your POS system has a lot of important information in it that you can use to boost sales. If you’ve been in business for more than a year, chances are you’ve kept a record of your takings from before. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to go back in time and see what went well and what needs to be improved.

Pulling out old records gives you a look at your best-selling products for both Valentine’s day and the entire year. You can use this information to offer discounts on the hottest-selling items or services you offer. You’ll also be able to see what items were the slowest-moving in your inventory. Coupling these items with others in a bundle and selling them will help you both make space for more inventory and increase sales.

With the information in hand, you can pre-order popular items from your suppliers that you know are going to be in demand. This way, you can keep more in stock without having to worry about running out. Just be sure to review the shipping rate charges for the year.

For more information on how you can capitalize on holiday sales, check out our ultimate Black Friday sales guide.

Offer coupons for Valentine’s Day

Everyone loves a good discount, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. 89% of all consumers list price as the main factor that affects their purchasing decisions. So it makes sense that if you incentivize them, they will be more likely to buy. One way to do that is by providing coupons to them for their purchases.

Coupons can help motivate customers to buy more and revisit your store for added benefits. They are a great way to generate loyalty for your repair business and get people to come back for more, allowing you to upsell easily. You can use this opportunity to print the coupons on your receipt, so that customers can retain them and bring them in or pass them along, adding to your marketing efforts.

Keep your customer service on-point

As with all special sales throughout the year, your customer service will play a huge part in generating successful business. Staff that’s well-adept at handling customers and giving them great service will be essential on Valentine’s Day. Your strongest team members should be ready and trained to handle customers that come in. Inform them of the deals you want to push and what sort of offers they can promote to customers in-store.

Previous records can show you when your busiest hours are and when you’ll need staff to man the floors. It’s essentially vital that you met customer expectations when they come to you, and that you give them a special experience that leaves an impression on them.


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Valentine’s Day sales are a great way to start the year and the perfect opportunity to capitalize on. If you want to get ahead on this special day, remember to start early, analyze your previous year, reward customers for their spending, provide great customer service, and offer coupons to keep them hooked. Play your cards right and you’ll have some amazing sales on your hands and make customers for life.


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