RepairDesk 2.0: Humanizing the Way Repair Shops Work!

by RepairDesk
RepairDesk 2.0

Back in 2016, when we started off with RepairDesk, we didn’t know that our designed POS software for repair shops would go this far in the industry. Comparing with the big names already existing in the repair industry, RepairDesk was a child back then. But fortunately, with our efforts and your support, we successfully made it “No.1 Choice for Independent Repair Stores.” 

We keep saying that RepairDesk is more than a basic cell phone repair POS software, but now, it has a lot more to offer. Not only it lets you:

  • Create instant repair tickets Send professional invoices 9
  • Manage your inventory
  • Easy employee management
  • Order repair parts and other items with its supplier integrations
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • View real-time reports
  • Offer device refunds
  • Set low stock alerts
  • Import SKUs from wholesalers
  • Transfer stock between stores
  • Analyze comprehensive sales reports
  • Over 40 integrations, and much much, much more!

However, not all repair businesses need everything.

Most repair store merchants must have been praying for a basic repair POS system without all the unnecessary things? Well, guess what? They’re absolutely right in the way they think.

One reason is that there’s nothing empathetic in the POS systems in the whole repair industry. There are tons of point-of-sale software highlighting the unique features in it, but nobody’s thinking about how they can add empathy in design and create the product more user-friendly and easiest to understand.

But wait, team RepairDesk is working on it!

We are developing a newer version of a smart cell phone repair shop POS software that’s a way simpler, cleaner, better, and definitely more stable POS system for small repair shops. It is intended to do your regular tasks efficiently and best-suited for single-store owners.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the new software can do.

What to Expect from RepairDesk 2.0?

Human Touch in the System

At RepairDesk, we’re focused on practicing empathy, because implementing empathy in the product helps you understand the requirements precisely.

We can feel your pain. And that’s not only it.

We want to take it off your life and daily operations. That’s why RepairDesk 2.0 is designed in a way where repair shop owners can relate to their problems and see the solution in front of them.

We acknowledge that the industry has a variety of options when it comes to providing a POS system, but none of them really care about the look and feel of the system. 

But wait! You don’t have to wish for it longer, because it is our top priority now. RepairDesk 2.0 will come along to empathize and resolve your hassles that your team faces every day.

1-Click Ticket Creation in RepairDesk 2.0 

Creating a repair ticket usually involves so many steps, and it is an essential thing in everyday tasks. The long process can be quite frustrating for the person who is booking a repair ticket for a customer.

Let’s break the whole process down:

  • You add customer information.
  • Fill in all the repair details for the customer’s device.
  • Next, you need to assign the repair job to an employee.
  • The repair service may need one or more parts of the inventory. So you put in all the information about that repair part.
  • If the customer wants to buy any other inventory item (accessory or spare part) along with the repair service, you include that as well.
  • Then you take customer signatures.
  • You will either save the ticket and print it or make its direct invoice.
  • Share a ticket with the customer via email.

What’s changed with RepairDesk 2.0? 

Create a repair ticket by using only one screen.

Well, that’s something super-fast!

You’ll forget about the fatigue and can complete the whole process via a single screen. With the newer version of RepairDesk, you can easily make a ‘favorite list’ of items or services that are used most frequently. Along with it, you can create custom filters based on your requirement and a lot more.

Sounds impressive? Yeah, that’s how the ticket process should be.

Getting it done in just 30 sec.

Cleaner, but Better

Clean design typically means uncluttered, simple, easy to parse, and more “white space.” But simple design isn’t just about subtracting things from a design arbitrarily. It has to improve the design’s overall effectiveness. That’s what RepairDesk 2.0 aims to do.

The newer version will have the minimal yet most important features to display on the POS screen. To avoid confusion and distractions, you’ll no longer see irrelevant tabs and sections on the screen. Here’s a quick look:

RepairDesk 2.0RepairDesk 2.0 repair shops

Quick Onboarding

That’s something our customers will love to have.

“Quick onboarding tutorials right after signing up for the service.”

We’ve realized that users might roam around a bit without a quick onboarding process in place. They’ll try to figure out things on their own, and if they miss a key feature or two, they would likely not use it again.

That’s because nobody wants to ask for help again and again or dial support numbers when stuck during a process. Listening to our customers’ feedback and suggestions, RepairDesk 2.0 will have an interactive user onboarding process with clickable tutorials to guide you through the system’s basic flow.

Smoother Navigation

With RepairDesk 2.0, there will be no screen switching and multiple tabs. It will be an effortless and painless checkout experience. Save your time and energy for a good day at work while managing your daily chores in a simple yet fast POS system for repair shops.

Our goal is to build something that’s super-easy and best performing for you because the easier it is for you to book repair tickets, the nicer you will be to your customers.

RepairDesk wants to be that first step in the ladder that independent repair shops climb and reach the heights of success.

So stay tuned, because, 2021 is going to be an amazing year with RepairDesk 2.0.

Happy repairing!

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