Here is why you need the PhonePartsPro Integration for your Phone Repair POS

by Mahnoor Mansur

The advantages of the phone repair POS system these days have expanded beyond recording sales and customer transactions. Instead, it encompasses a range of business accounting, reporting, and order tracking functions.

But for any repair shop business, one of the essential components of a phone repair POS is its supplier integrations and inventory management. Repair store management requires an ongoing process of ordering repair parts and accessories, generating GRNs (Goods Received Notes), and creating purchase orders. For that, you need a reliable supplier.

Why is PhonePartsPro the Best Choice?

It is known as one of the biggest cellular phone parts suppliers in the United States. Their strong customer base is because of their ability to fulfill orders quickly and provide short lead time. In addition to this, they give an extensive range of premium quality parts and accessories along with fast delivery.  These qualities have made PhoneParts Pro the no.1 choice.

Here is what RepairDesk’s integration with PhonePartsPro can provide you:


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1.    Fast Import of SKUs

PhonePartsPro allows you to import inventory items into your phone repair POS easily. You will not have to go through the time taking task of adding each inventory item separately. It gives the option of importing items by category, manufacturer, or device. The whole process will take 2-5 minutes.

2.    Quick Creation of Purchase Orders

Adding a PhonePartsPro in your phone repair POS lets your coordinate your inventory processes into one centralized and secure location. You can view your stock levels, purchase orders and get low stock warnings. All this is possible through one POS terminal.

Creating a purchase order is relatively easy. You have to either head to the low stock report or purchase order section of your phone repair POS. It will let you create a purchase order in just a few clicks. The best part is that you can use it across multiple stores with an active distribution of control to permit the stock levels to be updated.

3.    Real-Time Catalog Updates

Our integration with PhonePartsPro lets you view real-time inventory levels so that you can order an item immediately if you run out of it. In addition, once the order status gets updated on PhonePartsPro’s website, the status automatically updates your phone repair POS.

Bid farewell to confusions created because of lack of visibility.

4.    Easy Return/Warranty Policy

Having a return and warranty policy for your inventory is extremely important. Understanding that need, PhonePartsPro provides a 30-day return and lifetime warranty for items. In addition to this, if the supplier cannot return an item, they will give the item’s market value in credit form.

5.    Convenient LCD Buyback Program

You no longer have to throw away broken or cracked LCDs. PhonePartsPro has a simple and easy LCD BuyBack program under which you can sell your unwanted LCD at reasonable prices. But for that, your products need to pass all the conditions set by the supplier.

PhonePartsPro takes 3-5 business days for testing and then disburses credit.

Now you won’t run out of stock and can easily order parts from our integration with PhonePartsPro. Our aim with this integration is to provide turnkey solutions that streamline in-stock items and automatic part ordering.

Therefore, you will have more time to give the best customer experience at your repair store while your point of sale improves your business decisions. If you are looking for payment integrations, there are 5 Payment Integrations to Choose from for your Cellphone Repair Store Software. Get the one that fits your needs best.

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