Boost Holiday Sales With Repair Shop Software Gift Cards

by Mahnoor Mansur

The holidays are the most important (and stressful!) period for repair shops. But, for the most part, revenues increase for repair shop owners as the number of tickets generated by their repair shop software increases.

However, this hectic and successful season frequently can get even better. Many repair business owners don’t attempt to enhance their businesses because sales are already good.

After all, why try to improve something that is already excellent? Consider a 5% increase in sales during a busy season. This will produce far more cash than a 5% boost throughout the slow season.

So this season, Santa Claus shouldn’t only be the one distributing gifts! This year, selling gift cards through your repair shop software should be your secret weapon if you want to enhance holiday sales.

Before moving on to the benefits of gift cards, let’s see how it works?

What Are Gift Cards?

The industry of gift cards is also flourishing, with no signs of slowing down! Global gift card sales are anticipated to reach $1.9 billion by 2027.

But what exactly is a gift card?

A Gift Card functions as a Debit Card, but it is preloaded with money by the one who gives it. The gift card recipient may then use it to make a purchase through your repair management ticket software.

RepairDesk offers customers to give gift cards in its enterprise version. Customers can pay for a repair using a card rather than money. This function creates gift cards directly from the repair shop software that your consumers may use in the future. And it can help you reap a bunch of benefits for your repair business.

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Here’s why you should give it a shot.

What’s In It For Your Repair Business?

A modern gift card system may be cost-effective and straightforward to set up, regardless of the size or scope of your repair business.

Consider these eight additional ways in which gift cards may help your repair shop grow.

1.    It’s An Immediate Purchase

When your customer purchases a gift card from your repair shop, you are making a sale whether or not the recipient ever enters your store.

Recipients only spend a portion of the card’s entire amount and forget to utilize the rest of the balance. This is known as “breakage,” which can essentially be defined as unbridled profit for your business.

2.    Customers Buy More With Gift Cards

According to research, 59% of consumers will spend more than is allowed on gift cards. This results in greater earnings, as well as delighted customers.

For instance, a customer gets a $25 gift card for your repair store. But the product they are looking to purchase is for $50. In such a case, customers usually use out-of-pocket money to cover the cost of the product.

3.    Build Brand Awareness

When someone receives a gift card from you, they will immediately be interested in what you have to offer. Even if your store does not provide what the receiver wants, 42 percent of customers will re-gift the card to someone else.

When you accept gift cards through your repair shop software, you are letting people decide who your target market is. Someone will eventually utilize the card down the road, and each time it changes hands to someone else, it adds another channel for your repair shop to grow.

4.    Create More Touchpoints

You can gather email addresses when customers come in to purchase something with their gift cards. This will allow you to contact your customers more often. Thus enabling you to provide them with additional sales updates, limited-time offers, and discounts.

You may also use a gift card to start a loyalty program, which will give you more contact points. This would allow you to personalize sales items and discounts to the individual customer to improve the profit margin on the relatively low-cost gift card.

5.    Selling Out Of Stock Items

Display your retail gift card in prominent areas. For example, suppose all the goods in your inventory are sold out before the end of the holiday shopping season. In such a scenario, customers are more likely to purchase a gift card than their desired item.

6.    Repair Shop Software Matching

Gift cards are beneficial since they work with your point of sale system. In addition, you may keep track of gift card purchases and conventional transactions in one place, making it easier to study your consumers’ behavior.

7.    Unused Cards Are Pure Profit

This one speaks for itself. Sometimes, gift cards go unused for whatever reason. Hence making it an easy profit for you.

For instance, a customer purchases a gift card from your repair shop. And then gifts it to somehow who never used it. This way, you get the sale even though the recipient didn’t purchase anything from you. You get to keep the product and make a profit off it.

8.    Boost Customer Retention

Gift cards are a great way to build relationships with your existing customers. In addition, the convenience of receiving a gift card encourages customers to spend more time and money at your repair store in the future.

Reward loyal customers through repeatable discounts, deals, or other incentives based on their purchase history. This will help you retain customers for the long term.

How To Market Your Gift Card Program?

Great you have decided to use the gift card program in your repair shop software. Now you are wondering how to spread the word out.

We got your back!

1.    Make Some Noise

If you’re opening a store and want to sell gift cards, congratulations!

But how will customers find out about it? First, you must slip into their DMs.

With our repair shop software, you can distribute intriguing email and SMS updates to your existing customer base. In addition, you may utilize an automated template or compose your own content to add your own spin.

Use social media to your advantage. On your repair shop’s social media platforms, share content about gift cards. Let your consumers know that you now accept gift cards as a new online payment method to make the checkout process more accessible.

Make a big deal out of your new gift card deals and why it’s the greatest thing for your customers to stack them up. Also, make as much noise about your current gift card specials as possible.

2.    Put On A Show

Place your store gift cards in locations where customers may notice them if you want to attract repeat customers to your repair business. For example, place them on your checkout counter.

On the customer-facing display, show promotional images for gift cards. Nearby items should include a specific gift card rack. Then, with a bit of show, draw the attention of your customer to your gift cards discounts.

3.    Time For The Tell

You send a customer email or SMS alert through your repair shop software regarding gift cards. They decide to inquire about one on their next trip to your store. Excellent!

According to plan A, you caught a consumer looking at a gift card in your store. You can tell the customer more about the whole process and conduct business in both situations.

Similarly, if your customers are more complex than that, you’ll need a different approach. Plan C is now on its way. Wait for the consumers to request a gift card before you do anything. In the checkout procedure, insert the term “gift card” as though it’s something very common. Begin a conversation with them

“Hey, are you going to pay with cash, credit card, or our gift card?”

“What are you going to give as gifts this holiday season? How about a personalized holiday gift card?”

Keep going and promote a successful gift card sale with compelling checkout communication. Thank the customer for their purchase and wish them a pleasant day!

Bottom Line!

As you can see, offering retail gift cards to your customers has several advantages for your company. First, make it simple and easy for your customers to give gifts. Second, motivate them to return and buy more. Thus allowing you to make more money from gift cards.

So boost Holiday Sales with RepairDesk Gift Cards Today!

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