Web Release Notes: Improved Stability in the RepairDesk web app!

by RepairDesk
Web Release Notes

During the last two weeks, our team has worked diligently to finalize some new improvements in our web app. These improvements are designed to make RepairDesk easier, faster, and more useful for all our customers. So without further ado, let’s tell you what improvements we have made recently.


IMP #985 – Low Stock Report

A new trigger is implemented to move items into the low stock report. If the trigger named ‘Allow low stock alerts based on reorder level value only,’ in enabled, products having quantity equal or higher than ‘reorder level’ or ‘stock warning’ will be shifted to the low stock report. Also, the low-stock warning will be displayed to the user to notify them about the inventory status.

Mandatory IMEI/Serial

As requested by some of our valuable clients, there’s an improvement that’ll make IMEI/Serial number mandatory while booking a repair from the Appointment Calendar widget. But, if you wish to keep it optional, go to the Store Setting and disable the trigger ‘Mandatory IMEI/Serial’ under the Appointment Calendar integration settings.


Another user-suggested improvement has been added to the system that stops the duplication of IMEI/Serial numbers in case of trade-in items. A trigger under Store Settings ‘Make uniqueness across IMEI/Serial’ is added to control the repetition against IMEI/Serial number.


Our bug-fix team keeps a keen eye on the user-reported bugs and issues. And fortunately, for the past few months, RepairDesk systems have been continuously moving towards excellence.

Here are the two bug-fixes pushed out in the latest web release;

  • Bug #999 – Trade-in item’s status if set to ‘completed’ at the time of creating a refurbishment ticket; it wasn’t updating to ‘in-stock.’ However, the issue has been resolved permanently.
  • A bug has been fixed, which stated that if an employee doesn’t have the edit permissions against trade-in items, he was still able to change IMEI/Serial of the device against employee roles & permissions section.

We at RepairDesk listen to your ideas and make them our priority!

If you have any other bugs to report, ideas to share or suggestions to make RepairDesk better, let us know on GitHub! We take our user feedback very seriously and will find a fix as soon as possible.

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