Repair Store POS Software Must Have Automated Email Notifications

by RepairDesk

Automated Email Notifications are necessary for any repair store owner buying a POS Software to streamline workflow and keep customers engaged. This is because, the more information you provide to your customers about their device, the more in control and engaged they will feel. And this makes loyal customers.

In a repair business, customer satisfaction comes with timely notifications.

If you want to keep them coming, earning customer satisfaction is a must. When customers are notified about their decisions (purchase, refund, etc.), they feel satisfied in doing business with you and make up their mind of visiting your place in the future.

Our Repair Store POS software has a built-in customer notification system that sends timely email notifications to customers about anything and everything they do with your repair business. When a customer comes to your repair store, he can either ask you for a repair service that you are providing or make a direct purchase by buying an item that you are selling or offering you a trade-in. The first step you need to do, for ensuring timely notification, is store customer information in RepairDesk. But before you do that, if you haven’t started using RepairDesk yet, you can sign up for our 14-day free trial anytime you like. Let’s break it down from there:

Repair Job Notifications

In the former scenario, where a customer asks you to get a repair or unlock service for his cellphone, computer, tablet or any other gadget, you select all the necessary options from our cellphone repair shop POS software. A repair/unlock ticket is created, which you can email to the customer or share via SMS.

Next, the software has a streamlined system that will keep the customer in the loop throughout the repair/unlock process. Automated email and SMS notifications are sent to the customer each time your repair store employee or technician updates the status of customer’s repair/unlock. That means the customer receives email and SMS notifications for all these statuses:

  • Waiting for parts
  • In process
  • Repaired
  • Collected
  • Cancelled (when the customer device cannot be repaired or unlocked)

Purchase/Sale Notifications

In the latter cases, email and SMS notifications, with all the important details about the deal, will be sent to that customer about his accessory purchase or trade-in he just made with you. The system has the option of sending another customized notification to any customer whose invoice is due for payment but he does not show up and misses the due date.

When your customers receive timely notifications about their dealings with your repair business, they feel valued and important. The attention, you pay in keeping their business history recorded and giving them all the updates, pays you back and you earn customers’ confidence. Speaking of customer satisfaction and confidence, our repair shop POS software also offers the best loyalty program for you to gain loyal and steady customers. Let’s see how our customer notification practice has been extended in the loyalty program:

Loyalty Program Notifications

RepairDesk loyalty program has been introduced to help repair shop owners to attract customers and build their interest in doing business with them. Loyal customers are rewarded with certain loyalty points on specific purchases. When making future purchase/s, customers can use loyalty point payment and enjoy cashless business with your repair store.

The loyalty program sends email and SMS notifications to all customers for welcoming them to the loyalty program with a sign-up link. Once a customer joins your repair shop loyalty program and becomes your loyal customer, he/she will receive email and SMS notifications every time:

  • They earn loyalty points on a purchase
  • They redeem their loyalty points
  • They get loyalty point refund

Taking serious notes on customer satisfaction and happiness will help you in boosting your sales. Happy and loyal customers will do word of mouth marketing of your business and bring more customers to your repair store. What could be better than getting more customers without going through the whole fuss of calculated and planned marketing? We have integrated another smooth strategy of effortless marketing: gift cards.

Gift Card Notifications

Customers can buy your repair shop gift cards just like any other item you sell. Who doesn’t love to enjoy free services or buy things using someone else’s money? Your customers can use this fact and offer your repair shop gift card as a present to their family and friends. This way you get to entertain new customers while retaining the existing ones too.

Customers will be notified on every action related to the gift card they own and that include:

  • Issuance
  • Redemption
  • Refund
  • Reload
  • Expiration

You can take your repair business to new heights by ensuring one important thing: once a customer, always a customer.

Hide little magnets in your repair store that can stick your customers to your doors and they keep the business going. Out of all the sneaky little things you can do, the easiest one is offering store credits when a customer asks you for a refund. You can add their paid amount to their store credits instead of doing a cash refund. This way you will take their commitment to make another purchase even by allowing them to withdraw this one. So technically, you saved your sale by agreeing for a refund (that was actually not a refund at all).

Store Credits Notifications

By enabling store credits against a customer, RepairDesk will allow you to notify that customer about two events happening on their store credits:

  • Issuance/Refund
  • Redemption

Primarily, repair stores all about repair and unlock services but you can also sell accessories, parts and other additional items, right? Now you know that our POS software for computer repair shops takes care of all the necessary notifications you need to send your customers about these things. What else? You can introduce interesting features and programs in your repair store to entertain your customers like a loyalty program, gift cards, and store credits. We have already explored how our POS solution will keep your customers updated about all these modules.

But that’s still not it. We are yet to explore how our repair shop POS software will help you deliver all kinds of updates about your repair store to your customers. Let’s jump into all the different notifications you can send to your customers for your store marketing:

Marketing Notifications

You can send bulk SMS to your customers by making customer groups and let them know about everything you want to, like:

  • Discount offers
  • Reviews and feedbacks
  • New store additions (services or items)

Our POS Software has a built-in customer notification system to help you gain customer loyalty and satisfaction. With this marketing notification system, you can provide them knowledge of anything to everything. Keeping customers in a loop while providing them repair and unlock services will save their time and make them happy. Sharing their purchase and trade-in history will air their confidence and faith in your repair business. Sending them welcome and introductory notifications about your discounts offers, new features and services will keep them involved. Informing them about whatever happens to their loyalty points will trigger their interest to do more purchases with you and collect more points. Notifying them about all the gift card events will cheer them up and all the store credits notifications will encourage to make more and more sales with you.

Maintain healthy relationships with your repair shop customer with our POS software that has timely customer notification practice. Sign up now!

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