Save Your Dollars with Our Referral Program

by RepairDesk
Customer referral program

It’s always nice to save a little cash on a product or a service, right? It makes you feel privileged.

As you know, our repair shop POS customers are dear to us. We are nothing less than a family. So how about sharing this love with everyone else in the repair industry? You can bring your friends and business mates to join our fam. It won’t cost you a dollar, rather save you a handful. How does that sound? Fascinating, yeah?

Participate in affiliate marketing of RepairDesk and earn commissions!

All you have to do is get others on board with our repair POS software by sending them automated referral invites. You can enjoy commissions of up to $70 on every successful referral. Here are the details of different rewards against each payment plan:


By acing our customer referral program, you can earn enough credits that you don’t have to pay for your own subscription. Let’s show you how:

Tell A Friend Feature

Select the ‘Tell A Friend’ feature in the main settings of your RepairDesk account. Now simply enter the email addresses of all the people you wish to send a referral. Add some sugary sentences and click the ‘Invite Friends’ button. And it’s all done from your end!

On the other side, your friends will receive that email with an invitation link to our repair POS software. They would check out RepairDesk and its features. Get intrigued and go for its Free Trial. Ideally, everyone will become a new addition to our RepairDesk clan by subscribing to one of our paid plans. Consequently, we will add commission credits to your account for your next purchase of our repair POS software.

To explore more, read our knowledge base article How the Tell A Friend Feature Works.

Let’s go!

So are you ready to have some fun with your repair POS software? Join forces with us to change the lives of more people from the electronic repair industry through our referral program. We will appreciate your support by reducing your bill. We gain some and you save some, deal?


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