9 Ways Your Repair Business Can Get Customers’ Support During COVID-19

by RepairDesk
Customer Support for RepairShops during COVID-19

As COVID-19 is hitting all businesses with a hard knock, independent and small businesses are taking it the hardest. We understand that your local repair shop is facing probably the biggest crisis of this century. And that is why we keep coming with interesting solutions that can help you stay in business during COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s talk about your relationship with your customers prior to this pandemic. If you had a healthy buyer-seller relationship with your customers, it is time to cash that. Communicate with your customers and let them know that you need their help in keeping your repair shop open for their services. Inform them of the ways they can support your repair business, both financially and morally.

COVID-19 Financial Support…

1. Appreciation for Local Service Providers

Focus on your local traffic than reaching out for a bigger pool of customers and ending up with nada. Ask your homies to do business with your local repair store during COVID-19. This way you will get sales from your local customers and they will stay safe because they won’t have to travel far for a repair service in this time of social distancing. A win-win.

Shop online during COVID-192. Online Shopping

While everybody is surrounded by so much negativity and uncertainty, retail therapy will be a safe way out. That is why selling online is the best business strategy for your repair business during COVID-19. Encourage your customers to have a good time during quarantine by shopping for trending devices from your online store.

3. Service Appointments

You can offer different repair services during this COVID-19 outbreak and advise your customers to stay safe & book repair services with your appointment calendar. Your business will get a huge boost when customers will book their repair orders and appointments.

4. Gift Card Purchases

If you are not already offering gift cards to your customers, start doing it now with RepairDesk Enterprise Plan. A gift card is not only a way of earning sale with an existing customer, but it is also a smooth way of getting a new customer. In the times when everyone is looking for ways to help each other in this human trial, tell your customers that they can help their friends with their device repairs by giving them your gift cards as presents and promote your repair business, both at the same time.

5. Contribution in COVID-19 Relief Funds

Communities are coming together to build each other in this time of crisis. Local as well as national relief funds have been initiated to help independent businesses survive COVID-19. You can ask your customers to chip in these funds to play their part in community development and help you manage your business expenses.

COVID-19 Moral Encouragement…

6. Social Media Promotion

There are easier ways that customers can cheer for your repair business and social media promotion is the best one. It does not cost them a thing but brings you many. In this quarantine time, most people are relying on social media for the latest news and updates regarding COVID-19.

A single share of your social media post will bring you visibility of at least a hundred people.

So, maintain a connection with your customers by posting content on your social media accounts and urge them to share it for your goodwill.

Free social media promotion by customers

7. COVID-19 Newsletter Subscriptions

How does it make you feel when a customer subscribes to your newsletter? Encouraged and supported, right? So, don’t forget to remind your customers that your business news will be a refresh button for their inbox and they will get to hear about something good in this vicious time.

Online reviews by customers during COVID-198. Online Reviews

These days, businesses crave for good reviews. As a repair retailer, you must also want to appear as the very first Google suggestion when somebody goes online and searches for a local repair shop. Your customers can help you climb up that search chart. Have your customers leave positive online reviews and do the digital word of mouth marketing for your repair shop.

9. Kind Notes

Everyone wants to hear words of encouragement during their low times and COVID-19 has proven itself to be the lowest for us all. So, be there for your customers by staying active on social media and give them the opportunity to reciprocate your kind gestures by leaving you comments, a DM, or an email reply.

We Are Cheering For You!

Remember that your repair shop and our POS software go hand in hand. RepairDesk team is working hard on new features that will help you adapt in this current business situation. We are here to back you up in this COVID-19 crunch. So, let’s tough it out together!

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