Product Bundles Feature is a Stress Reliever for Repair Shops

by RepairDesk
Product bundles feature for repair shops

Have you ever said no to the offer of taking a pack of fries and a drink with your burger? I am sure, never. That’s because the deal seems so natural you don’t even realize that it’s a product bundle. And that’s the beauty of it.

We are enriching your repair shop software with the same amazing feature – Product Bundles.

You can group two or more repair services together and make a Service Bundle, or pair multiple inventory items (accessories and repair parts) in a Product Bundle, or even better do a mix and match with the option of creating Product/Service Bundle.

Types of product bundles for repair shops

Offering multiple products and services in the form of a bundle deal, with an overall price that is less than the total sum of all individual prices, is a common marketing strategy. Here is how your repair shop can benefit from this brilliant feature.

1.      Cross-selling of your products & services

You can easily swoop in some additional items and services with the one that your customers initially ask you for aka the cross-selling technique. Let’s say, a customer asked you for a repair service like fixing the broken screen of his phone. Sure, you can do that. Or you can offer them a product/service bundle and say, “hey, I’ll fix the screen, no problem! Do you wanna go for a glass screen protector as well? It’s just the best for saving your phone screen from cracks and scratches. Look, I am using one too. So, what do you think I offer you a package deal for this repair service and a screen protector for $abc?” And you just cross-sold a product along with a service. Good job!

2.      Average Order Value with product bundles

By bundling your products and services in a package deal, you are basically enticing your customers to buy more in one sale. Consequently, you are adding more in a regular sale and increasing your AOV (average order value), which is a big factor in the formula of your repair shop’s revenue.

3.      Better management of your inventory

When you have more product bundles in your POS, it will be easier for you to analyse your inventory records. You will have a better eye on the on hand stock of these bundles items. The system will give you a re-order alert for a bigger group of items and you can cover them all in a single purchase order.

This way, you can also do a better job at managing the physical inventory of your repair shop. Place the bundled items in nearby bins and shelves to keep a track of their stock.

4.      Stock clearance with product bundles

Product bundles are a great way of dealing with old, stagnant, and slow-moving inventory. Pairing these less popular accessory items with a more popular one will help you clear the rusty stock of your repair shop. In a product bundle, the price of each individual item will be reduced, giving the customer’s attention to even the least popular items.

5.      More sales, less marketing

If you bundle a group of products and services together, you will be selling them as one. Saying goodbye to the hard way of doing individual marketing for all the items and ending up banging your head on the wall, you will be doing smart marketing for your product and service bundles and earning more sales. A great news for any repair shop employee.

6.      Product bundles and customer retention

Bundle offers are not only exciting for your repair shop but also for your customers. Firstly, they will love a bargained offer with multiple products and services in a less expensive package. Secondly, it will be so much convenient for them to get a number of things in one place and one sale. If something makes your customers’ life easier, they will keep coming back for it. And that’s customer retention for you.

7.      New referral customers

All of us love to narrate the story of a bargained and convenient deal to our family and friends. That’s exactly what your customers will do when you give them the best deals with your product bundles. End result: new customers for your repair shop.

Product bundles feature for repair shopsBundle Up!

RepairDesk product bundles feature is easiest to use for creating and selling the products and services of your repair shop. So, start bundling up and let your customers know that you have come up with exciting new offers for them to enjoy more and spend less.

Our customers asked us for this feature in their repair shop software, so Product Bundles is coming very soon in RepairDesk Enterprise Plan. If you are already a part of our RepairDesk fam, upgrade your plan to Enterprise and stay tuned for this extra shot of business convenience!

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