Vendor Integrations: Bridging the Gap Between Repair Parts Suppliers & Repair Shops

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Running a successful multi-location repair business takes many hours of tasks organization, inventory ordering, parts & accessories tracking, and record-keeping. There are a variety of factors that go into maintaining a brick and mortar repair store. One of the most crucial and nerve-wracking tasks is staying on top of your inventory. If you have an extensive repair store with 10000+ items in stock, the process of manually placing orders, tracking them on sheets, transferring orders from one store location to another can become costly and unmanageable. For this very purpose, you need a system with integrated parts ordering feature i.e., the repair parts supplier integrations.

Let your POS handle everything. From customers to sales and repairs to inventory, we’ve got your back!

With the integrated repair parts ordering function, your repair store will experience improved operations, increased sales, hassle-free stock ups, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Here are 5 of the most useful benefits of using repair parts supplier integrations in your repair shop software;

Sync Supplier’s Inventory Catalog Instantly

With the right supplier integration in your POS system, all the available inventory items are automatically reflected on your POS account. The vendor’s live product catalog can help put the repair store owners at ease by showing them things they can import to their store inventory.

The feeling of seeing the low stock in the records creates the urge to buy it before it’s gone, and we know it. It is especially true for limited edition products that might never get restocked again. Thus, by displaying vendors’ inventory levels on your POS screen, you can sell more products, without having to wait for the supplier’s response. If this process is carried out manually, it can take hours and hours to go through the inventory sheet and make sure all the items you need are available.

That’s why RepairDesk has kept it simple! With the integrated repair parts supplier’s integration in the system, click and enable the right vendor integration, view product catalog, import the items you need, and that’s pretty much it!

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Single Click Purchase Order Creation

With the integrated system, you don’t have to move back and forth, get the supplier details, call them, and order the inventory items. But, the POS software for mobile repair stores allows you to view which items need to re-ordered easily. Select items to buy from the vendor’s catalog, add them to the purchase order, and send the request to the vendor. The entire process takes around 1 to 2 minutes.

The time you saved can be used for something more important – your customers.

When you don’t integrate your POS system, it’s your customer experience that is at stake. Your staff won’t be able to sell what’s required by the customer, will experience slow shipping times, and will see wrong inventory levels.

Real-Time Order Tracking & History Maintenance

With the right repair store POS system, you can keep track of inventory levels and get notified when a phone part is low and needs to be replenished. And if the system talks well with your supplier’s product catalog, you can order repair parts and track the order status without having to involve any third-party tracking system. Once an order status is updated on the supplier’s website, the status of the order will automatically be updated on your POS account.

repair parts suppliers integration

These tools empower repair store owners to forecast demand and maintain adequate inventory at all times so you can focus on growing business and worry less about paperwork.

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When you process purchase orders manually through a non-integrated repair shop POS system, there’s a natural delay from when you order to when the order is actually placed. However, when you integrate your supplier’s platform to your POS, orders are processed and sent for shipping immediately. Resulting in a great boost to the customer’s buying experience. Plus, you’re free from the hassle of searching around for pieces of paper you’ve lost.

Repair Parts Suppliers Integrations in RepairDesk

Injured Gadgets

Located in Norcross, Georgia, Injured Gadgets is one of the premier USA based cell phone parts wholesale distributor. It works directly with leading LCD factories to guarantee you low rates, consistent quality, free overnight shipping with a simple RMA process. Injured Gadgets and RepairDesk have integrated to provide repair stores with a turnkey solution that streamlines out of stock item purchases & automates repair parts ordering process in a few clicks. Catch this integration is at its best!


MobileSentrix is one of the leading parts suppliers in the USA and Canada. It has been covering the cellphone repair industry for years. The company provides high-quality cellphone replacement parts, repair tools, batteries, and mobile phone accessories at reasonable prices.

RepairDesk has teamed up with MobileSentrix to help improve the way you purchase inventory for your cellphone repair shop.

ReVamp Wholesale

ReVamp Wholesale is a vast network working for hundreds of cell phone repair shops in the USA that is focused on the distribution of wireless repair parts, pre-owned devices & accessories. They are dedicated to supplying customers with the best cell phone repair parts and tools. RepairDesk integration with ReVamp Wholesale is smart enough to provide updates when you make changes to your ReVamp cart.

PimpMyGadget Supply

PimpMyGadget Supply and RepairDesk have partnered to provide repair stores in Australia with a turnkey solution that streamlines out of stock item purchases & automates repair parts ordering. Cellphone store owners can spend more time creating a better customer experience, while RepairDesk improves their business decisions.


PhonePartsUSA has its shelves filled up with cell phone parts of varieties that you can think to order from. It brings you quality parts of cell phones manufactured under different company tags falling under various models. They keep throwing sales every now and then to keep the customers engaged and bring benefits to loyal customers.

Ensuring that you buy the best accessories from the finest suppliers, we’ve listed down the top 5 cellphone repair parts suppliers in the US.

Top 5 Repair Parts Suppliers in the US

Phone LCD Parts

Phone LCD Parts ranks high among the leading parts suppliers in the USA. The company specializes in providing wholesale cell phone accessories and replacement parts to retail and repair stores in North America. To order parts from Phone LCD Parts at a discounted price, sign up with RepairDesk and enjoy the following deals;


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