Post COVID-19 Reopening Checklist for Cellphone Repair Stores

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Cellphone repair store owners all over the world are experiencing the coronavirus pandemic differently, depending on the country, state, and city they operate in. Some stores may be on the path to resuming their in-store operations. Others might still be confused about this decision. As states and cities begin to lift lockdown restrictions on stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures, it’s vital for repair store owners to implement new policies and safety measures before returning to work. Regardless of where you are, reopening a week or a month later, the precautionary checklist should be done sooner than later.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of action steps to take before you reopen your cellphone repair store’s doors for the customers. It will assist in following the latest recommendations and health guidelines for reopening. Here you go!

Encourage “No Item Sharing” Rule

This includes things like spudgers, magnetic pads, tool rollpens, staplers, notebooks, dry-erase markers, desk space, file folders, computers, and anything else that can be assigned to an individual repair technician at a repair store and not shared. We understand that not all businesses will be able to afford a zero-tolerance policy of shared work tools. So, to practice this rule, try dividing the tools among different workers at a time. Or at least, try limiting the exposure of shared objects, with caution. If you absolutely have no other choice but to share, make sure you have the right sanitizing equipment on hand.

Re-organize Floor Plan for Cellphone Repair Store

What can you do at your cellphone repair store that will maximize the 6-foot distance between workers, customers, and visitors? Here’s the simple answer: mark circles for customers, especially when they visit your store. Every customer waiting for the checkout should be at least 6-feet apart.

Distant counters and item racks can also serve this purpose. Monitor employees’ break times or divide the break time among all workers, so not everyone hustles to go to the lunch area. Install signs of social distancing inside and outside your repair store, and keep reminding your staff and customers to follow the rules.

Invest in Sanitizing and Cleaning ProceduresPhone Cleaning -cellphone repair store

After the COVID-19 lockdown, businesses are going to invest in the safety equipment of both their workers and clients for coronavirus-proofing of their stores. It is important to keep the confidence of consumers coming back. If your repair shop feels risky, shoppers might not return. So, make a point to get 60% or more alcohol per volume hand sanitizers. For convenience, make them freely available across your office space.

After taking all the precautionary measures, ask yourself the following essential questions:

  • Is there any personal protection equipment (PPE) that staff could use to reduce the transmission of infection?
  • While not eliminating employee camaraderie, what’s the best approach to minimize staff exposure to one another?
  • Where would be the best place(s) to put hand sanitizer stations?
  • What signage would you need to create?
  • Are there hand sanitizer dispensers available for customers, visitors, mail carriers, vendors, etc.?
  • What are the equipment cleaning considerations you deem reasonably required to keep clean of COVID-19 or other germs?
  • Are there any training sessions needed to ensure the safety of staff while increasing their cleaning responsibilities?

If you’re able to answer all these questions, you are all set for reopening your cellphone repair store. Congratulations! Get ready and start using the world-class repair shop software and restart your journey to establishing the best repair business in your town with RepairDesk.

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