Coronavirus Update: Repair Shops Are Back In Town

by RepairDesk
Coronavirus Update_Repair Shops Are Back In Town

The fresh coronavirus update is that most businesses are reopening after 2 months of lock-down. That includes the local repair service providers like you.

First of all, let’s give a huge shout out to everybody for surviving the lockdown period. It was fairly rough but we all made it through.

Now, another coronavirus update is that the pandemic is not over yet. Not even close. These relaxations in the lockdown do not mean that the coronavirus is not out there. Because it still is and we need to be more careful now since we won’t be staying home anymore. So, let’s take a moment and pray for everybody’s health and safety.

Speaking of safety, all reopening businesses need an action plan for making their environment safe for their employees and customers. And we have done some homework on the safety plan of other tech companies like Apple to help you out in yours.

Deep cleansing of store

Make sure to not just clean but thoroughly clean your repair store throughout the day. Do not miss out any surface or display product and wipe everything from time to time. Keep a special check on highly trafficked areas of your store and clean them more frequently.

Customer occupancy

Limit customer occupancy in your repair shop and focus more on one-on-one customer service. Instruct your employees to maintain their distance with the customers. If there are more visitors than a designated safe number, request them to stay outside and wait for their turn.

Temperature checks

To keep the coronavirus germs out of your store, you need to spot its carriers. The best way is to check the body temperature of your customers while they are waiting outside. If you come across a potentially infected coronavirus case, immediately separate the patient from the crowd and call for medical help.

Coronavirus update: temperature check of all customers is trending

Masks for everyone

Face covering is the most important part of this safety plan. And it applies to everyone, your team and your customers. Make sure each customer is wearing a mask before entering into the store. If anybody doesn’t have one, you have to provide it for them. So, don’t forget to keep a stock of these facial masks in the store.

Other service options

Do not expect all customers to show up at your store since you are reopening for business. Many would still like to stay home for their safety. So, keep all the other service options open for such self-quarantined customers. Offer onsite, drop-off, and all other sorts of repair services during the coronavirus outbreak.

Tough it out!

We know that it’s hard and stressful to reopen your repair shop amid this coronavirus health crisis. But the dark truth is that this thing is not going anywhere, no matter how long we stay home and quarantined. We’d have to step out and fight it sooner or later. So, take a deep breath, fill your mind with positive thoughts, follow these safety measures, and open your repair shop in the face of COVID-19. We’ll try to be of help as much as we can so stay with us for more coronavirus update and business tips.

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