Best Used Phones to Buy and Sell in 2020

by RepairDesk
Best-selling Used Phones in 2020

The reason why people love buying smartphones is because of the multiple features they offer. But not everybody can afford a high-end phone. That is why taking a step back and buying used phones has become a popular trend now. This way, people get to afford the latest technology smartphones in a lower-than-usual budget.

You must give a shot to buying and selling used phones at your repair shop. Lure your customers into owning the best smartphones at lower prices and earn your profits. But before that, you must know what are the best-selling and most popular secondhand and used phones of this year. Here’s the list.

Used phones in 2020iPhone X

The iPhone X has aged two years since its release, but no one can tell that because it still is one of the smartest and beautiful phones you can get your hands on.

People, who couldn’t afford to buy the fast and smart iPhone X at the time of its release, won’t say no to get it now. With the iPhone 11 series release, the prices have fallen so much. Even Apple itself is selling used iPhone X under its new refurbished resale program. You should definitely be selling it too.

Used phones in 2020iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus is the last model of Apple’s iconic iPhone design that their customers originally fell for. Yes, the big screen with a home button that everybody loves.

The plus adds more to its popularity with extra memory and dual-lens camera. All in all iPhone 8 Plus is an attractive option for customers because it has got everything, the look, the features, and the bargain price. Trust me, all the classic iPhone lovers will come for this one.

iPhone 7

Customers have shown a great deal of love for the iPhone 6S in the past few years. But since Apple is not supporting its iOS anymore, iPhone 7 will steal its thunder. And consequently, the market will see a rise in the demand of used iPhone 7. So get ready for it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9

While iPhones are famous for holding their market value even after years of use. That’s not true for any of the pre-owned Samsung mobiles. They lose their value very soon, giving customers the opportunities of buying a fortune in a bargain price.

Samsung Galaxy S series has had a special image in the market for a long time now and people are still buying it. The impressive technology of S8 ans S9 is particularly popular among customers. So these two have a great charm when it comes to a complete package of more value in less cost.

Get them in stock now!

RepairDesk has everything you need to buy and sell these secondhand and used phones at your repair shop and take your business to a next level. You can use our Trade-in feature to purchase a pre-owned device from a customer and then sell it to others. Or you can also buy these Selling used phones in bulk from the best suppliers, refurb them, and sell them to individual customers. If you are a repair retailer in the UK, you must trade these used devices under the VAT Margin Scheme to earn profits. Happy selling!

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