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Contactless Payments

“Contactless Payments” is a term that’s been widely used in the retail industry, and for a good reason. The novel COVID-19 is still making rounds in several parts of the world. And while lockdowns are almost over and countries and states have begun opening up, people everywhere are still extremely cautious about being in contact with others, exchanging things, and sharing goods. A recently conducted survey revealed that 64% of customers remain fearful for their health, and 82% are afraid of others’ health. 

One way to make your customers confident about their health and safety concerns is to limit physical contact in your repair stores. Here’s how you can successfully do that, along with the ways that RepairDesk can help with. 

Allow Customers to Book Appointments Remotely

Things like curbside pickup and onsite repairs have been gaining steam for a few months now because coronavirus has pushed them to a whole new level. For many repair store owners, offering these services is practically a no-brainer. 

Ideally, you’ll want to make the ordering and fulfillment procedure as secure as possible. For this, let customers use the Appointment Calendar widget powered by RepairDesk. The calendar allows them to choose their device, its model, device problem, and lets them instantly request a repair right from your repair store’s website. Without any fear of public dealing, they can quickly get their jobs done sitting at their homes. Their repair orders will then be shown in your RepairDesk account so that you and your team can work on fulfilling them. 

Appointment Calendar

Offer Online Payments

Given the increased awareness around touching less stuff, customers are now opting for mobile payments more than ever. And more people are joining in on the trend: as reported by the Visa official website, 31 million Americans tapped a Visa contactless card in March 2020. The overall usage of contactless payments in the US has grown by 150% since March 2019. So, how to be part of this rising trend for your repair orders?

Collect online Payments

It’s simple! If you are a repair store merchant in the US, try using RepairDesk Payments. The integration has numerous benefits, along with providing a ‘PAY NOW’ option to customers when they book an appointment from your website. Start using the integration today, and let your customers pay whenever and wherever they are.

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Pay Now Invoice - RepairDesk

Send Invoices via Emails

You can limit physical contact in-store by reducing the number of people who can enter your repair store. Many large enterprises that have multiple outlets have been implementing this amidst the pandemic.

To help repair store owners navigate through this challenge, RepairDesk provides the option to email customers’ invoices with a “Pay Now” button. With this, they can see their order history, and they can pay you online. Now, say goodbye to disinfecting each note with a 99% alcohol spray and waiting for it to dry out.


Implement Cashless Returns

As observed, the post-pandemic customer experience will be cashless. Both customers and retailers are shifting to new ways of earning profits and offering a discount. Most useful of them are starting a Gift Card program, giving our Loyalty Points, and introducing Store Credits in place of cash refunds. Go cashless with RepairDesk’s Enterprise Version with all the features your business needs to bring repeat customers.

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The COVID-19 pandemic won’t be around forever (hopefully), but we’re willing to bet that the new contactless payments trend is here to stay. Take the first step and start investing in the technologies and systems that’ll let you serve shoppers in a safe and effective way. Get a FREE trial of our repair shop software for your cellphone repair shop and explore new ways of growing your business with us! Good Luck!

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