New Cash Discount Program for RepairDesk Payments

by Nosherwan Khan
cash discount program in our computer repair shop software

RepairDesk has recently introduced a new Cash Discount Program for its payment gateway, RepairDesk Payments. This new program brings major benefits to repair store owners when processing transactions.

What is a cash discount?

Usually, when a credit card payment is processed through a gateway, there is a certain fee that is charged from the merchant. This fee is standard across all platforms, allowing credit card companies to continue providing their services. With the Cash Discount Program, however, merchants will no longer be charged any processing fees. This allows repair shop owners to accept credit cards without any hesitation.

Simply put, the “cash discount” passes the payment fee over to the customer, allowing them to pay for it while the merchant isn’t charged anything. This helps keep both the merchant and the credit card provider happy.

How to sign on for it?

The Cash Discount Program is exclusive to RepairDesk Payments, which means you will need to have RepairDesk Payments available at your repair store. For now, we are inviting customers to get in touch with us, and our sales team will guide them through the entire process. If you’d like to learn more, you can fill out the form by clicking the link below to sign up.

Get RepairDesk Payments

Once you’re signed on to RepairDesk Payments, you’ll automatically have the Cash Discount Program enabled, so there’s nothing to worry about. So just sit back, relax, and let RepairDesk give you the best experience at your repair store.

RepairDesk makes your life easier by helping you manage your work effortlessly and with just a few clicks. We have everything – from creating repair tickets to inventory management and more. Get a FREE trial of our repair shop POS software for your cellphone repair shop and see it for yourself!

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