Charge Customers per Hour for Your Services with the New Billable Hours Feature

by RepairDesk
New Billable Hours feature of our computer repair shop software

Can we all agree on the fact that not every repair is as simple as fixing a broken screen or changing a damaged battery? When it comes to complicated software installations and tricky data backups, you might want to go for charging the customer with our new Billable Hours feature. 

In our latest release, we have added an exciting new feature that will change the way your normal POS screen works, but only when you choose it to change. It’s all about a simple trigger that you can turn on or off under the repair categories of your RepairDesk account.

You can learn about how to set up and use the new Billable Hours feature from our Knowledge Base article. 

We are here to talk about the types of services that you should be using this feature for. So let’s jump right into it.

Onsite Repair Services

First up, you should always charge your customers as per their billable hours for onsite repair services. I’ll tell you why. 

In on-site/field repairs, your technician has to do everything on the spot. First, they will check out customers’ devices to diagnose the problem; ‘cause let’s be real, it’s never what the customer tells you over the phone. There are always surprises!

After that, your repair guy will fix every problem he finds and get the device back up and running. 

If you were with me the whole time I tried to paint the picture of an on-site repair, you must have gotten the idea of why it’s necessary for you to bill the customer per hour. But if you lost me somewhere in the middle, let me spell it out for you: in on-site repairs, your technician gives more than just a simple repair, he also gives the customer his time and individual attention. (dollar eyes)

Remote Services

Remote repair services work pretty much the same as field repairs. The difference is in remote services; a customer calls your store for help and you guide and assist them in repairing their own device at home.

So, technically, remote services are all about your time and assistance and meant to be charged per billable hours.

Bulk Repairs

This one’s for all the MSPs (Managed Service Providers) who repair devices in bulk for their company-based clients like schools, colleges, offices, etc.

While such customers often prefer to avail repair services on a contractual basis, paying you on a monthly or weekly basis, I think the best idea is to combine recurring billing and billable hours features together to deal with their payments.

Trust me, it isn’t as complex as it sounds. All you have to do is set up their payment schedule with our Recurring Payments feature and then use the billable hours module to track your time spent on their repairs and create invoices. Your POS system will automatically send out those invoices to customers’ emails as per their payment schedule. High-five! 

Computer Repairs

Remember how we talked about complicated software installations and tricky data backups? Such software computer repairs should definitely be billed per hour of service. 

So these are some of the services that you can bill as per hourly rates with our new billable hours feature. We hope that you use it well for charging fair prices for your repair services. 

Happy Billing, folks!

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