Team Building: How to Attract Good Talent at Your Repair Outlet

by Fana Anwar

When it’s about building a team for your repair store, it is no secret that good talent is hard to come by. Not only because your standards may be high, but theirs might be too. Talented individuals often know that you need them more than they need you. Because, frankly, the demand for talent is far greater than the supply available. But making your business set up more of a community than a corporation can be the perfect feather in your computer repair store’s cap. Make your shop a place that is difficult for any prospective employees to deny, especially if you are a small business. You don’t have the razzle-dazzle of big-name brands to entice individuals to apply and vie for the opportunity. Your strength lies in putting the people aspect of the business first.

The repair industry can power through most shortages efficiently. But the scarcity of talent on-site is one even a resilient store can’t make it through. But what is the secret? How can you ensure that this does not happen to you? The answer is not as tasking as you might think. It is simple. Empower your employees. Fan the amber that suggests that their input and well-being are crucial to the business. The growing trend in the current job market stands that individuals are becoming more independent in their work styles. The rise of the gig economy is the reason they don’t fret before quitting a job that doesn’t align with their standards. But on the bright side, small businesses have the upper hand here.

The unique and close-knit community formed when you manage a repair store can be an excellent attraction for talented individuals with higher standards for their workplace environment. And here are how you can make sure to get it right:

Connection is the Crowning Glory for Small Businesses

Although how well a job pays is part of the employee satisfaction criteria, it isn’t the only thing that counts. A much more significant yet often overlooked aspect is the environment. If the individual feels good working for you, they are less likely to leave. What’s more, their high praise of the work culture would make them the best marketing strategy. It can aid in attracting more talented technicians. Their word of mouth would be your advert. Most employees suggest that not having too rigid work behavior requirements that limit their self-expression is a priority in their job consideration. They prefer working for employers who care about the employees’ needs over saving a few bucks, like picking a good point-of-sale system that makes management easier rather than using a manual setup or cheaper alternatives.

Another important quality they seek is feeling supported and valued by their company. This also includes having a connection with their employer. Understandably, achieving this in a massive company with hundreds of employees isn’t easy. But if you run a small business like a cell phone repair store, you can definitely form a working relationship with each of your technicians. This elevates overall job satisfaction at your shop by allowing employees to feel seen and appreciated for their work, boosting their loyalty to your business. So, as a small business owner, the cultivation of respect, learning, and leadership values can outweigh the paycheck for any talent coming your way. The lack of these attributes at larger companies has led to many employees considering a resignation.

Surprise, Surprise, There is More Than Wage to Consider

And to absolutely no one’s surprise, monetary compensation trumps all else when talented individuals are looking for opportunities. A survey found that almost 50% of employees believe that a 10% raise in their current salaries would make their workplace more engaging for them. Similarly, even prospective hires place wages as the top-ranking priority. It significantly influences their final decision to take up an opportunity.

But another takeaway from the survey mentioned above could be that half the workers working an hourly wage did not prioritize the salary first. And isn’t that a bit of a shocker? Managers have mentioned that to most technicians, the work environment and respectful culture are much more important than monetary compensation. They value the sense of security and freedom to bring their concerns and ideas to the table without being put down for them. Encouraging your employees to come to you with their suggestions and empowering them by considering them seriously can make a world of difference.

No Need to Lose Hope

So, just because you may be a small business with limited hiring and salary budget doesn’t mean you can’t catch the best talent for yourself. You can beat out the big franchises in the job consideration running by cultivating other payment routes. These could include teaching your employees new skills that would also help their careers. Paid time off, a shorter work week, good bonuses, diversity, proper equipment like the right POS system for repair shops, autonomy, health insurance, or many other things that might work for them.

During the interview process, ask them about the things that are important in their lives. Not only will this allow them to see that your repair store values people over profit, but it will also give you much-needed information so that you can make working there a better experience for them.

Allow the employees flexibility in the areas they need and see how far they can help you stretch your cell phone repair store’s success. Of course, monetary value is still vital because people have bills to pay. But current employees, as well as prospective ones, also choose to provide quality work for you based on culture.

Be the Mentor Your Employees Deserve

The trend of entrepreneurship has been on the rise for decades now. And studies find that employees working at small businesses are far more likely to be inspired to take a crack at it than the rest—especially the younger ones. And as a small business owner in the repair industry, you are in the perfect position to impart your experience-based knowledge. This can give you an edge over other repair shop owners vying for their skills. You can use your learned wisdom as your unique selling point by imparting it to them through education development and mentorship.

You can even encourage your employees to bring their own unusual repair store skills to the table and include them in the shop. This will help them hone them further while providing a possible avenue to attract customers. The practice can significantly boost your employee satisfaction rate because they wouldn’t feel like they are wasting away at their job and forsaking their long-term goals. Teach them everything you know, from repairing items to picking the right POS system. This doesn’t even require much, just showing some compassion and letting them shadow you if they want to learn.

Introspect and Evolve

So, while businesses in all industries are struggling to find good talent that fits their criteria, perhaps what we need to do is look inwards. We all like to claim that there just aren’t any valuable employee additions left out there. But then, how are so many repair stores succeeding in the industry? And how did they manage to get all the talent? Scope out what your competitors have got over you in the company culture department. But be sure not to copy and paste. Fight to your repair shop’s strengths and provide prospective hires with a chance to experience something uniquely yours.

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