7 Advantages Of POS Software Clock In/Clock Out Feature

by Mahnoor Mansur

For the first time in weeks, you decide to open your repair shop yourself rather than have an employee do it. Since the opening time is 8 am, you get to the shop 5 minutes before that. Upon reaching you open your repair shop for business.

After logging into your POS software, you sit and wait for your employees. Minutes pass by, and the wait seems like ages.

Then around 9 am you see your employees coming in. Then, a few others follow in within 5 – 10 minutes intervals. And this makes you realize that something needs to be done to fix these late appearances.

Managing employees and their time can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. So there is a simple solution for that – the clock-in/clock-out feature in RepairDesk.

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How Does Clock In/Clock Out Feature Work In Your POS Software?

The clock in/clock-out feature is a method of tracking the number of hours your workers spend each day.

Employee’s clock in and out using the attendance program. And keeping track of when your employees are working is crucial for avoiding payroll mistakes. This will eliminate the headaches associated with a manual process while also automating your entire operation.

Here is what Adam Donovan, the brain behind Cybertek Nambour, has to say about our clock in/clock-out feature:

“I like that I can check the status of all repair jobs and see what needs to be done, and I can track who’s been doing what. I have also added the feature where the system asks the employees to clock in every time they try to do something; now, everybody is accountable for the things they are doing. So I can easily keep a check on everything at the old store through RepairDesk reporting while I’ll be away at the new one. “

How Can It Help Your Repair Shop?

Let’s review the benefits of the clock in/clock-out feature one by one:

1.    Increased Accuracy of Payroll

Manual timekeeping necessitates that employees submit their working hours each day.

Unfortunately, this leads to incorrect time recordings. Furthermore, manual procedures can cause a slew of additional problems, including illegal writing recognition and even fraud.

Using clock in/clock out may help to minimize clock inaccuracies and time theft. In addition, employees can use your POS software’s time tracking ability to keep track of their time spent online.

2.    Prevent Buddy Punching

Simply said, the clock in/clock out function eliminates the possibility of someone else doing it for them.

According to the American Payroll Association, 75% of businesses in the USA alone are directly affected by time theft every year. Hence, curbing buddy punching with a clock in/clock-out feature is crucial and simply the most advantageous for repair shop owners.

3.    Increased Productivity

A manual process of recording attendance and working hours requires you to collect time cards and manually calculate payrolls.

Although competent management is required for great results, it can be time-consuming. If the duties are assigned to one person, this may take several hours.

Sounds super hectic right? Trust us, it is.

The use of a clock in/clock out function in your point of sale software drastically reduces its time to handle your payroll. You can go from spending hours on payroll processing to a few minutes when you make the switch.

Through clock in/clock out, you may automate time collection and keep everything in one place. This allows your data to be immediately sent to your payroll system for processing, saving you the trouble of having to re-enter it manually.

The result is accurate processing that may take as little as 20 minutes each pay period. Maintaining your data in a reliable, timely manner can help you increase productivity.

4.    Increased Employee Satisfaction

Clock in/clock-out feature in your POS software results in increased employee satisfaction because it guarantees accurate and timely pay.

It also eliminates human error when entering timesheets manually. It also enables employees to have unrestricted access to their personal data through an employee self-service portal, which is another way it minimizes errors.

This enables staff to get information quickly without needing to go through human resources. In addition, when employees have direct access to their own data, they are more engaged and satisfied.

5.    Easy Management Of Flexible Working Arrangements

It is not strange for employees to work from home, at the office, or remotely in today’s competitive business environment.

Businesses may use various clocking options to easily track time using the time clock in/time clock out functions. All employees can easily keep track of their hours, no matter where they are or when they leave for the day.

6.    Hassle-Free Schedule And Shift Management

With time clock in/clock out, it’s easy to develop and manage entire schedules, assign hours to specific tasks, add clients to tasks and easily keep track of shift swaps.

This allows you to quickly and simply assess workloads, resources, and even expenditures by the department. Thus ensuring employee management in an easy way.  

7.    Transparent And Traceability

Accurate timekeeping statistics can assist in minimizing employer-employee friction. In addition, having transparent timekeeping data makes it simpler to address employee queries and concerns.

Final Word

The clock in/clock feature is a time-saver, as it can automate your entire system. In addition, this feature offers administrative advantages that you won’t find with manual procedures.

And the best part?

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can easily use the clock in/clock out feature in our POS software. With a few clicks, you can automate attendance and payroll processing with no hassle at all!

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