Save Your Sales With Our Repair Shop POS Software Special Parts Ordering

by Mahnoor Mansur

You are making a sale with a customer and have got your repair ticket ready through your repair shop POS software. From the customer information to notes, everything is filled in the repair ticket.

But the moment you select an inventory item and add it to the repair, you get a surprise. The item is out of stock.

The thought of losing a sale scares you while you think of some instant solution in your mind.

Now the ideal way to go about this would be to order the part on the spot, right?

RepairDesk, special parts ordering feature lets you do that.

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What Is Special Parts Ordering?

Managing a repair shop can be hectic at times. It gets even more challenging if you have more than one location or franchise.

The daily grind of your repair shop can sometimes result in employees forgetting to order stock items. Or, at times, you may get a repair order that requires a special part that you have never added to your inventory.

RepairDesk has a special part ordering feature that lets you order a part while creating a ticket to solve both scenarios. It enables you to reduce unsecured cash outflow and keeps you secure against abandoned sales and odd parts.

It is as convenient as it sounds.

Types Of Special Parts Ordering

Our repair shop POS software offers two types of special parts ordering:

1.    Special Part Order For Catalogued Items

At times, you run out of inventory items that are usually in stock in your inventory catalog. You end up finding out when a customer comes in and asks for a repair that requires that special part.

Instead of abandoning a ticket and making a customer wait longer, you can create a special parts order for your cataloged item in the following way:

When you create a special order for a cataloged part, a different log is created for it in the records. Once you receive the special part, you can mark it as received.

Additionally, the inventory level for that special part will be updated.

2.    Special Part Order For Non-Catalogued Items

Now let’s say a customer comes into your repair shop with a unique repair task. In order to complete the repair task, you need a special part that you have never ordered before. In the future, you might not need it again as well.

What should be done in such a situation? Sending a customer back due to the non-availability of parts is never a good move. It not only affects your sales but also damages your reputation.

To cater to this problem, you can create a special part order for that non-cataloged item in the following way:

In the case of the non-cataloged part, the log will be made on the special ordered items page. Once you receive the part, you can mark it as received to complete the repair job.

Note: When creating a special part order, you also have the option to create a purchase order. In addition, it will let you reference goods received notes for that particular part. The customer will also get notified via text or email.

What Happens In Case Of A Refund?

That’s a good question.

In case you have to refund the money back to the customer, the item will be restocked. A new inventory item will be created if the special part is a non-cataloged one.

The rest is pretty much like your usual workflow. You can use the special part in your future orders.

Benefits Of Special Parts Ordering

Here are a few benefits of special parts ordering through our repair shop POS software.

1.    Convenience

What could be more convenient than ordering a part right from your point of sale

You don’t have to change tabs to order parts while your customer waits for you. Instead, you can order your special parts for cataloged or non-cataloged items in just a few clicks.

2.    Extensive Inventory Availability

Special parts order is not restricted to a few parts only.

You have the option of picking any item from the catalog of your suppliers. So, you can restock the required item as per your need. 

3.    Saves Your Sales      

You no longer have to send a customer back due to the non-availability of parts.

Our repair shop POS software lets you place an order while you complete your checkout processes. In addition, it allows you to score sales on the go!

4.    Email Confirmation And Tracking

You can track your special parts orders easily through your repair shop POS software.

Once you create a special parts order, you will get an email confirmation. And you will be able to track your order from the comfort of your repair shop.

Once the order is received, you can send an email or text message to your customer, letting them know that the special part has been received and the repair is in process.

It lets your customer see the real-time status of their repair job.                                                                                                                               

5.    An Improved Customer Experience

When the ordering process is simple and easy, it increases the customer’s chances to come again to your repair shop.

Customers want fast checkout experiences and don’t like waiting in long queues for their turn. You don’t have to make your customer wait with special parts orders even if you don’t have the required inventory items.

Final Word

Our special parts feature is structured to streamline the processes of repair shop owners through our repair shop POS software. It lets you score more sales and maintain your reputation while at it.

So, don’t let the non-availability of parts ruin your sales. Instead, increase your revenue by ordering parts on the go!

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