How to Sign Up Customers for Loyalty Program

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Loyalty Program

Everyone likes getting free stuff and customers in the US are no different. People love to do business with stores that they trust. If they trust you, they sign up for your loyalty program. That’s customer retention for you. A healthy thing for all businesses. But if you are being sneaky on your customers and luring them into signing up for your customer retention programs, they’ll be wary of you. You can’t just ask people to sign up for your loyalty program and expect them to do so. There is a proper way of boosting your sales with loyalty program and that’s precisely what we’ll be discussing today.

Getting customers on board your Loyalty Program

Sign up RepairDesk Loyalty ProgramThe Wrong Way

So, you have installed a brand-new repair store POS software and you are all set to make loyal customers. How you do it? You simply ask your customers to sign up for your loyalty program, right? But what happens when you ask them? You find most of them are reluctant. They are either in a hurry or don’t want to depend on a single store. It’s natural. This way doesn’t work that well. So, we can call it the wrong way.

The Right Way

In business, we can’t push people to join our programs. We need to educate them about their benefits and leave them there. They will join on their own if they like. People like to follow trends. If everyone is doing something, people will trust it to be okay. So, knowing that, here is how you ask customers to sign up for your loyalty program.

Let’s suppose you run a computer repair store. A customer comes up to the checkout counter and you scan the products they want to buy using your computer repair shop software. You process the payment and just before printing the invoice you ask them how they want to pay you. Usually, this question is to determine whether your customer will be using a credit card or paying through cash. But it can be used to get them onboard your loyalty program. Here is how you do it.

How to get customers for loyalty programThe Dialogue

You: Hi thank you for shopping at our store. Will you be paying through loyalty points or is it going to be cash?

Customer: How do you get loyalty points?

You: You sign up for our loyalty program and with every item you purchase, you get loyalty points. You can use these loyalty points to pay for your shopping later. Everyone does that these days. It’s like our alternative currency.

Customer: I’d like to sign up for your program.

You: Sure, I’ll add you to our loyalty program. We’ll need your phone number and email so we can notify you about the loyalty points you earn and redeem. We also have a customer portal where you can check your loyalty points.

Customer: Sounds great, here are the details.

You: Thank you. I will make your current bill based on your newly signed up loyalty program so you get some loyalty points from this purchase too.

Customer: Thank you.

Final Words

And there you go. You have a happy customer who signed up with your loyalty program. The way it all happened made the customer trust you. It also made them think that it was their own decision to join the program. This was the right way of getting people on board your loyalty program. We hope it helps you with your repair store.

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